Something to reduce volatility a bit

  • Not sure if it's just because there are a lot of new traders, or the impending changes on november 1, but there seem to be some pretty big price swings every single day. I think the following might reduce uncertainty and improve stability a bit:

    • Produce some stats showing % of PBs that would have been won by first team had the squad already been introduced
    • limit players that can win PB to 500 - even though no-one beyond 500 is going to win PB, people seem to think that some random unknown player from the Gibraltan league is going to score a hatrick and beat Messi (I know only top 5 leagues can win but you get my point). You could always open it up to the rest once people have seen the impacts of increasing players eligible for PB firsthand.
    • Introduce a good deposit bonus soon, so people are more inclined to add funds to pay for the new players rather than sell their current ones.
    • Keep increasing spreads (I know this is already being done)


  • @Jimmeh said in Something to reduce volatility a bit:

    Keep increasing spreads (I know this is already being done)

    Encouraging 'new money' has to be the key so yes definately on that third point!

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