Sharp share drop yesteday

  • I have roughly £1200 spread across 6 players, and so looking forward to the return of domestic action (not with the wife i mean) and found my shares in every player dropped to a total of £43. Being new here, is this normal? Im not going to panic sell unless it drops so much next week.

  • I have £1000 spread over 40 players,also suffered portfolio value drop yesterday,but only around £4, so maybe you need more players to spread the risk

  • @tommyboy2104 Could be an idea. I'll have to see how things go

  • £43 is a 3.6% swing of your £1200. I won't worry to much.

    What I would say is. Your portfolio isn't very diverse, which means to will be exposed to bigger swings in price. If one of your players does a Salah and goes 500% plus loads of dividend wins in a season, your increases will be massive. However if one of your players is unlucky enough to have what happened to Muamba happen to them. You will lose almost 20% in a day.

    From the survey I ran not long ago.

    You can see that almost 50% of people hold 26 - 100+ players, and within those players they have a mix of MB magnets, PB players in strong teams, wonder kids and speculative punts. Then mix up them with making sure you have defenders, midfielders and forwards. This is very similar to my portfolio, and my swings are mostly less than 0.5% a day.

    If it's the 3.6% swing that has you worried diversify. If it's the £43 value I would say you have more money in the index than you are comfortable with and withdraw some.

  • @Misto Thanks for that, a very interesting survey. I think i need to have a good look at how to 'invest' my £1200 and spread my players about. As Im still new Im ok with losing a little to start with. All part of the game i guess.

  • @NewUser168478 Also had a relatively big dip yesterday. Not too much of a worry as the platform in general is sluggish at the moment in comparison to how it was in the few months previous. I recall this happens before a trader meet and then there is a huge surge when the meet happens and everything increases. However, FI have announced no deposit bonus for the trader meet so not sure what will happen but let's see. I still think there will be a lot of money injected.

    Keep the faith. Most players' value will recover and there's always ups and downs. Just need to ride the storm!

  • Agree with others on diversifying portfolio. Also be aware of weekly cycles - players prices go up and down. One factor is playrs tend to rise before games and drop after games, so don't worry 😀

  • Agree with Indexical, I think a lot of new traders are after instant success buying players at the start of the week hoping to win PB at the weekend and if they do not they sell them and buy into the ones who have - this is irrational behaviour and will lose them money over the medium term. Watch the same players that have gone down rise early next week prior to fixtures!

  • Also people smashing into hazard at £10 a pop could be selling players to fund that, if you have doubts just take a look at your players month / 6 month graphs in general most players are on a upward curve, there's gonna be times when they dip but just keep the faith most people on here will tell u that

  • Money could be going out because last year on the 2nd Birthday FI did a bonus could be the same next week

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