Adrian rabiot

  • So I'm looking at players that's up and coming and are priced below £3 and I think will reach £5 rabiot is well under valued , he mostly always plays 90 minutes he's just about to be returned to the French squad he's linked with Liverpool and Barcelona ?? What is his price doing at that price .......

  • @NewUser145896 I have 50 shares in him. Theyve dropped 8p each in the last few days, not sure why, but i agree he is definately one for the future.

  • I'm also a holder, given his links away & his solid PB base I think there's plenty of upside potential. Just wish he got forward more as one of those midfielders who will probably only ever win on easier/softer days.

  • Yer great buy he's only 23 aswell

  • Will be £4+ by mid January based upon good performances and then massive transfer speculation

  • I brought at 1.50 so hoping the rise continues... Think Jan will be big for holders with all the speculation so I'll be keeping until he transfers as he'll no doubt go bigger and better than PSG next move... On a PB level holding midfielders won't dominate the market (they don't tend to excite enough for MB either) so maybe once the transfer speculation has settled it could be time to flip on profit? But I think within your three years I can only see his price rise and with FI at the minute... There is no ceiling!!

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