price drop

  • how can so many players drop on the same day i have 55 players and 33 of them lost money yesterday

  • I know, you're not the only one. People are going to end up losing money if they trade with such short term outlooks.

  • A lot of people seem to bin players now if they have one bad game.
    I thought this would stop after the World Cup but it's just got worse.

    People don't seem to realise there are games every week and if your player doesn't win PB this week then they get another chance in the very next game.

    Please folks calm down.

  • I think people are pulling money out of the platform. Unless they are putting into a very small minority of players that neither of us hold? I said in another post this happens before a trader meet, with a view to depositing for the bonus but FI confirmed this isn't happening so not sure why this is the case. Maybe some players too expensive?

  • I’m seeing it too, I’ve invested in younger, lesser known players for European qualifying leagues, generally with European games! But they are all falling badly!

    I think new money is probably going to be attracted to premier league ‘names.’

    But this doesn’t explain the big drops, which must mean people selling up, I’m guessing the people that hold have done their research to find these players, so why sell now?

    I hoping they perform in televised games against uk clubs a make a bounce back!

  • It is a common pattern that the majority of players will decrease a little after a matchday.

  • @Hybrid it seems to have been a week to ten days across a load of players, with no rises just before the weekend for me

  • At the moment we are seeing big spikes in players doing well in games. This appears to be offset by people selling off shares in players who aren't performing. It doesn't appear hugely concerning to me - just a shift in the market as to where people are looking to put their money.

  • The Footie and the 100 Tracker have still been rising so there is still more money going into the index - just not into the players you hold this week. FI isn't free money if you don't have the players that nailed it this week then you might see red. No need to panic.

  • @NewUser130968 i still have over 30 players that have lost money for the 3rd day in a row that have now lost £300 since saterday any one else seing this

  • @NewUser130968 I've had 3 green days In a row. Where us your portfolio aimed. Young, PB stars, MB stars, non PB league players?

  • I just don't get people dumping players after one or two games. I think you need to look at 10 at least, unless its like Douglas Costa dropping almost 40p after getting sent off

  • @Ringers people get bored of holding players which arent returning dividends and so sell and move on to players who are. I wrote an article about dividend chasers vs dividend investors a while back

  • Most of mine is in the red, in the past I would have panicked and sold players and brought other players looking for the ‘rise’, this is not the way to do it, you have to hold your nerve a bit.

    Remember it s only September there are so many games yet for your players to shine and the like which means a player rise.

    If you want other players invest more money if you can.

  • @NewUser130968 I’ve lost a lot lately on de jong, rony lopes, tolisso, politano, griezmann and even pogba!!! All different holds and different reasons for falling. Luckily for me I’ve had Hazard to steady the ship. Like others are saying, just hold in there and it will turn around again.

  • @NewUser130968 Yeah, I've had a bad month, never mind 3 days haha. I went for young players and teenagers who aren't getting game time. I sold players like Leao, Isak and Kean because they were doing badly.
    I still hold Munir El Haddadi as he was involved in 16 goals in 26 La Liga games last season, yet Barcelona aren't playing him.

  • Have to say I’ve had one of my best months ever. That’s probably due to holding hazard, ronaldo and KDB. Even Pogba who’s only at a slight profit has still been bringing in the divs.

    As others have said, you need to diversify your portfolio to lower risk and see the volatile times through. Don’t be afraid to hold players in the red, they will come thru and rise again.

    The way the platform is going, all players should be rising steadily over the next 9 months

  • Been on just over 2 weeks now, initially bought 25 players I liked the look of mainly for long term holds but also those I thought would rise due to transfer speculation etc. I then bought a top 10 tracker just to see how it performed. Seems 2 different scenarios, my initial 25(now at 30) are rising quite steadily day on day although there are a couple who have fell in price. I have received no buzz dividends apart from Eden Hazard. My tracker has also risen albeit by not very much, but the dividend return is far greater( I'd say at least 1 every day). To me its a long term thing and flipping players is an art I've yet to perfect. Only sold 1 player(Andrew Robertson) for a net 11.9% profit.

  • If you are new to the platform spend some time studying why prices rise and fall. One of the most common reasons for a 'fall' is that player has already been rising for a long time, so over say a month rather than three days , they haven't fallen they have actually still risen in price - look at their graphs. So it's not about players falling in price , more a matter of timing when to get in.

  • @Indexical cheers for info.

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