• been using the platform for about 3 weeks now... Portfolio of roughly 50 players... Ronaldo has given biggest returns by far and only see him rising... I'm selling majority of portfolio and putting it in CR7...

    Was originally tentative about higher priced players but have concluded that's where the profits are... Ronaldo, Pogba, hazard...

  • @NewUser171341 he's at it again as we speak

  • @NewUser171341

    Not if he gets a career ending injury or has a fall out & moves to USA or China; playing well today & looks on course to win PB but needs plenty more wins to justify £11.40 price tag.

  • @NewUser159387

    Anybody can get a carrer ending injury. It is always the risk when betting on football players. He has been great for MB the last month and will most likely win PB today and many other times this year. For the next 9 months he will be a great hold.

  • @NewUser171341 imo not a good idea sinking so much %age wise of your portfolio in 1 player...

  • @KingZ

    Yes they can but he'll be 34 next & one heavy tackling italian defender going through him could finish him for good; He's a great player & may well still keep delivering, just the associated risks are too high IMHO.

  • @NewUser171341 Worth considering the comments above. Also note that the players you mention have likely risen as far as they will do for the time being. You are better off putting money into the next Pogba, Hazard or Ronaldo. Or wait for the share split to invest when their price will be lower.

    Invest in these players by all means, but not exclusively.

  • @metropolis hell was wondering what the share split is and how it will impact us?

  • hello sorry

  • No doubting he is a great FI player but the risk with him is massive.

    Yesterday was an example,Tolisso suffered an knee ligament injury and is probably out for the whole season (he is only 24 so is actually a good buy now ( price drop) for next season but that’s another conversation), what would happen with Ronaldo a 33/34 year old getting that injury especially at over £11 a share???? His price would plummett and he might not even make it back and you would lose a LOT of money.

    I Know he is super fit but Zlatan was super fit also and look what happen to him ( King of the index at round £7 I think and then within days about £2 a few months later in the USA now he is 40p-50p......and it only takes a fall and a bad landing and bad injuries happen.

    Younger players are ok becuase they can come back eg Luke shaw.

    CR7 will win you money but its a big gamble.

  • you know the saying "high risk high gain" and that's the truth with Ronaldo too...

    I get that whilst some players lower down the pecking order rise at less of a value but they fall at less of a value too and Ronny can drop large with one injury (or announcement) so I would be skeptical about chucking all my eggs into one basket.

    Spread the risk across your portfolio would always be my advice, so for every Ronaldo you have an Mbappe, for every £10 player you have a £1 player... Then you won't be just reliant on Ronaldo's buzz wins because if and when his stock does drop you'll be kicking yourself for going 'all in'

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