Krzysztof Piatek

  • 4 games wonder, or are we seeing the start of a Seria A break out player of the season?

  • Looking like the latter so far!

  • What makes you say the latter? I haven't watch any Genoa this season, so some info would be great. No idea if his goals where lucky/tap ins. Or he is really being the main man there.

  • Not seen any footage but got onto him during pre season when he was rattling in goals for fun. Seems he's just a goal machine so was chuffed to bits last week when he was ipo'ed.

    Linked with a number of top clubs already, only time will tell if he can do it consistently.

  • @Jason-W Looked at his goal from last night, well taken. Only thing I've heard and seen about him was his goal stats this season so far. Also he was talked about on the ramble. They were saying the Genoa manager was telling the press to stop talking about him, otherwise they will lose him to a bigger club (told as a joke).

  • @Misto haha, well if he keeps up the scoring form then the bigger fish will come in for him & they'll find it hard turning down big money

    Not sure whether he's a PB prospect where he is so wondering whether to cash in & take profit

  • @Jason-W Same boat mate. Got in at £1.50 so excellent profit for a few days. However if he keeps scoring and winning games they only way is up. On the PB side he can score but realistically Genoa aren't going to win lots of games so game winning goal and game winning bonus are going to be hard, which it normally need to win PB.

    Side note I got down voted for starting a convo on one of the hottest players on the FI right now. Think someone missed the IPO.

  • @Misto
    Don't have time to watch genoa games either unfortunately, wish I did! So just been looking at stats. Time will tell but he's certainly got his scoring boots on so far and is attracting interest.

  • @Misto yeah job to know what to do, next game is important because if he doesn't score then we know what folk are like, they'll sell & he'll fall back. Folk are being so impatient at the moment, would of thought it would of calmed down now almost a month into the season

    Anyway, have to wait & see. I don't think your original post warranted a downgrade either. Not many players are ipo'ed one week then (easily) break into the top 200 players the next...

  • @Jason-W Scored in the next game as well. Done some more research on him, found a pretty good write up. Think I'll hold for a bit longer see where it goes.

  • @Misto

    Hope you hung on, as he scored again & hit post already tonight & it's half time!

  • ya I looked at who Genoa were playing for the next games, this game and the next are against the bottom 2

  • Here the write up I found, and since this was written. He has scored in every game since. How long til he is worth more than Lewandowski on the Index

    In Tuesday night’s friendly with the Republic of Ireland, Poland started a forward with one of the best hit-rates in Europe this term. Now, that’s nothing new for the side led by Robert Lewandowski. However, on this occasion they were starting with Genoa striker Krzysztof Piatek, who is enjoying an incredible start to the campaign.

    Piatek has impressed many in recent weeks, and has a solid scoring record dating back two years. However, the striker has just burst on to the scene for many. Can he live up to the record of Poland’s current main man Lewandowski? Does the Bayern Munich striker already have someone ready to pick up his mantle? Here is everything you need to know about Poland’s latest scoring talent.

    The 23-year-old forward made his international debut against the Republic of Ireland, following an excellent start to the season. However, he had already made a big impact in his homeland before breaking in to the side. Piatek scored 21 times for Cracovia Krakow last season, which saw him depart Poland with an impressive strike rate. He scored more than a goal every other game in the last two years, which led to a move elsewhere.
    However, that record wasn’t enough for the forward to join Lewandowski in their World Cup squad this summer. He was named in the preliminary squad for Russia, but he didn’t make the final 23. A poor summer for Poland has them searching for other options, making Piatek a perfect option. He’s pushing to become a regular feature in the national side, but he needs to emerge from the shadow of Lewandowski.

    After two high scoring seasons with Cracovia, Piatek became the latest player to make the switch from Poland to Italy. However, Piatek stands out among them after just three games with Genoa. His £3.8million switch to the Grifone in the summer went under the radar, especially given that the club had sold Pietro Pellegri to Monaco for over £20million. A cut of that brought the Polish forward to Italy, and he’s been a revelation.

    Piatek opened his Genoa account two minutes in to his debut. The forward went on to rack up four goals in that meeting with Lecce, which led them to a 4-0 Coppa Italia victory. Doing that against lower league opposition was a strong start, but not enough to convince everyone. His form continued in to his Serie A debut, where he scored six minutes in to his first clash.

    Genoa’s winning start came to an end at Sassuolo before the international break, but Piatek’s form continued. He struck twice for the Grifone in their 5-3 defeat, taking him to seven goals from three games. That was more than enough to earn him an international debut. Given that start, it was a surprise that he didn’t feature in their Nations League visit to Italy last week.

    Manager Davide Ballardini has been reluctant to raise Piatek’s profile too much. However, the boss knows that he has bags of potential.

    “I’m almost afraid to talk about Piatek, because it’s just inviting pressure on him, but he really seems to be the complete package. I get the feeling he can truly become an important player, but I’m trying to whisper it rather than shout from the rooftops.”

    Piatek is only a month in to his first season at Empoli, but he’s already being linked with a move elsewhere. Reports suggest that Barcelona are keeping tabs on the forward, who could be a potential successor to Luis Suarez at the Nou Camp. While they don’t have similar skill-sets, it shows just how highly rated Piatek is, and how far he could go.
    The forward is likely to cost a lot more than the £3.8million Genoa invested in him. If he can continue to impress at the Marassi, then plenty of Europe’s superclubs are going to be after his signature. Just as Lewandowski begins his final years at the summit of European football, a new Polish poacher is emerging.

    Like Suarez, Piatek doesn’t have identical skills to Lewandowski. However, he could be his successor as one of the most prolific forwards on the world stage, and the future Poland number nine. The Genoa man lacks the pace of many of the world’s most lethal forwards, but he has an impressive finishing ability which could take him all the way to the top.

    We’ve all heard the stories about Lewandowski’s near moves to small clubs, like how he came close to a switch to Ewood Park before going to Dortmund. We can’t see the same thing happening to Piatek here. He’s already gone under the radar to Genoa, and he’s worth keeping an eye on going forward. Keep up his current form, and we’ll be seeing him at the top sooner rather than later.

  • @Misto To answer my own question. It took 3 days lol

  • @Misto said in Krzysztof Piatek:

    @Misto To answer my own question. It took 3 days lol


  • @Jason-W See how long he can keep going.

    I don't think he can win Capocannoniere, given the other great strikers in Italy. I would beat Icardi, Immobile or Ronaldo would win it this year. I'm stacking him up against Icardi right now, last years winner with Immobile and he is only 2 years older. Their prices are getting pretty similar, yet Icardi plays for Inter. Only thing against him is he can't get near the national team. Where Piatek is just breaking in to his now.

  • @Misto

    Piatek is having a break out season for a selling club already getting top UCL club transfer spec

    Icardi is an established player for a club that will only selling if a crazy bid comes in

    IMO Pietek is probably a better hold right now

  • @Misto

    Icardi was selected for the latest Argentina squad.

  • Amazing how quickly a players can go up from scoring a few goals

  • @NewUser82416 I know he gets selected, but never plays. Inter captain, 2 time Capocannoniere winner, 5 caps in 5 years. Joke

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