Krzysztof Piatek

  • 4 games wonder, or are we seeing the start of a Seria A break out player of the season?

  • Looking like the latter so far!

  • What makes you say the latter? I haven't watch any Genoa this season, so some info would be great. No idea if his goals where lucky/tap ins. Or he is really being the main man there.

  • Not seen any footage but got onto him during pre season when he was rattling in goals for fun. Seems he's just a goal machine so was chuffed to bits last week when he was ipo'ed.

    Linked with a number of top clubs already, only time will tell if he can do it consistently.

  • @Jason-W Looked at his goal from last night, well taken. Only thing I've heard and seen about him was his goal stats this season so far. Also he was talked about on the ramble. They were saying the Genoa manager was telling the press to stop talking about him, otherwise they will lose him to a bigger club (told as a joke).

  • @Misto haha, well if he keeps up the scoring form then the bigger fish will come in for him & they'll find it hard turning down big money

    Not sure whether he's a PB prospect where he is so wondering whether to cash in & take profit

  • @Jason-W Same boat mate. Got in at £1.50 so excellent profit for a few days. However if he keeps scoring and winning games they only way is up. On the PB side he can score but realistically Genoa aren't going to win lots of games so game winning goal and game winning bonus are going to be hard, which it normally need to win PB.

    Side note I got down voted for starting a convo on one of the hottest players on the FI right now. Think someone missed the IPO.

  • @Misto
    Don't have time to watch genoa games either unfortunately, wish I did! So just been looking at stats. Time will tell but he's certainly got his scoring boots on so far and is attracting interest.

  • @Misto yeah job to know what to do, next game is important because if he doesn't score then we know what folk are like, they'll sell & he'll fall back. Folk are being so impatient at the moment, would of thought it would of calmed down now almost a month into the season

    Anyway, have to wait & see. I don't think your original post warranted a downgrade either. Not many players are ipo'ed one week then (easily) break into the top 200 players the next...

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