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  • Can someone help me with understanding fees? For Example currently I have Zlatan Ibra bought at ‘£0.50’ with 5 futures he is now worth ‘£0.55’ Giving me ‘£0.25’ Profit. But I checked the Fee calculator and it said It will cut of 5p Fee. So in reality I haven’t made any profit. But if it goes up more when I do actually have profit should I Instant Sell or Market Sell? Thanks

  • I would hold onto him long term for that price. Fi take 2% that’s probably why u don’t see a profit.

  • @NewUser146901 That what i was thinking wait until he goes up to like ‘£0.80’ after scoring a few goals then buy wait until hes back then buy again. But my point im trying to understand is what is the difference in commision fees between Instant Sell and Market Sell?

  • @SimonaO

    Firstly why would his price go up at all? He's gone to play in a retirement village league with virtually no chance of ever playing in a PB league again, so correct me if I'm wrong but he's essentially worthless, as next stop is pipe & slippers?

    if you can sell out a breakeven i would class that as a right result & invest the cash into a player that might actually have some value. To sell you will pay 2% but to market sell you are effectively looking for a "greater fool" who doesn't understand how FI works either so you maybe better just taking the IS hit & accepting it as a lesson learnt.

  • But maybe the mls will be included in pb soon!!?? Just maybe !! Which will make him a bargain you never know ... I wouldn't buy him though hahahaha

  • @SimonaO

    Sell for whatever price you can get. He’s worthless. You’re lucky to still be in profit. Then let’s talk about the relative benefits of market selling vs instant selling :)

  • @playingcards1 I can still make profit. It was just an example the main question I should’ve asked was do i Market Sell or Instant Sell when taking profit

  • regardless of whether he goes up or down I'm not sure ur question has actually been answered...
    if u bought 5 futures at 50 (total £2.50) and sold 5 at 55p (total £2.75, less commission of 2% (6p) = £2.75 - 6p = £2.69). Therefore your profit would = 19p. which is a 7.6% return.

    For what my opinions worth Id take it and move on before he goes back to 30p

  • for market sell/ instant sell that's a question for you to decide. is the money better off spent elsewhere?

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