• Hi guys just to let you know I am going to be doing a bunch of youtube videos on frequently asked questions. See below first one. If theres anything you want a video on let me know. Next one is going to be all around PB.



  • Good work, look forward to the next video. Any tips on when to buy/sell and maybe on how to set up notifications on my phone so that when I get an email from FI to say how great a certain player is I can jump on him quick then sell (recent examples are Frenkie de Jonge and Kluivert who went up in value after FI said they were great). And also when FI announce a 10% bonus offer or similar I get a notification straight away so I can jump in before everyone else and take advantage of the massive jump in prices like today's. I'm surprised you haven't had more replies to this post. Also any tips on being the first to get media/transfer rumors too other than listening to talk sport/sky sports etc. Any decent apps that provide notifications on my mobile etc. Cheers, H.

  • @Harmonica so i emailed every one of my subscribers at 12.15 to inform them of the dep bonus.

    I would guess make sure FI not ending in your junk and finding a way to activate email alerts like downloading outlook app.

    Maybe think more long term growth strategies than quick flips. Easier to avoid being burnt.

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