PBs CL £90 to spend

  • Who spend it on £90 PBs CL

  • Everything ok?
    I'm assuming this is some sort of code to say you've been kidnapped without your captors knowing.
    Do what they say, and don't try to escape. Hopefully Stockholm Syndrome will kick in soon.

    Stay strong x

  • @CleanShirtTrader 😂😂 I've cracked his code. He has £90 burning a hole in his sky rocket and is wondering who to punt it on for tonight's champions league??? Do I get a prize?

  • NONE - you're virtually odds on to lose money in commission by picking the wrong player, unless you intend to keep him afterwards!

  • @Ollie

    Whilst that's probably true the new split start times might offer a little hope; Barca, Spurs, Inter & PSV will all have finished before the other 12 teams KO, so there will be at least 3 PB interim "winners" out of those 40 odd players, so rule out GK's & the obvious big hitters (as a quick flip is hardly possible due to their spread) & you are left with 25-30 possible gambles. If one or two of them upset the regular PB winners there maybe money to be made on say a PSV defender or Inter midfielder?

    That said I prefer to buy & hold so I would only choose this strategy for a bit of fun but I would be interested to see if it could be possibly profitable.

  • @NewUser159387 Don't players have to be registered for PB before 2pm?

  • @Ollie

    Yes to win PB dividends but they could top the table after 4 games & will benefit from the associated price rise, so can be sold for a profit; a 60p defender may well get to 75P or an 80p midfielder to £1 for example, giving plenty of margin for profit, obviously if you believe they will remain top of the PB chart you can continue to hold in anticipation of an overall win but that involves risking losing any gain, should they get beaten to the top score.

  • Kyle walker peters. 97p. Spurs have injurys. Get on it

  • Kimmich.
    Maybe a touch of Mertens.

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