How high will prices go???

  • Just wondering what does everyones thoughts are on how high prices could go?? ie will Messi keep on rising, will prices continue to rise across the board for the 'world class' players, any thoughts?

  • @NewUser84610 Not so long ago players reached £5 at the prospect of winning a single 5p daily dividend. By November a player can win up to 23p in a single day (Overall PB + Media Buzz), so I certainly think the best players are not close to what people will be willing to pay for them.

    In the short-term there might be a small drop in the price of the top players, as people sell to buy some stocks in the new players joining from November 1. This will only be temporary, and once the market settles people will focus most of their funds on the top players, and new players joining the platform will do the same.

  • My own view on this is that following a settling in period for the influx of new players and increased dividends that you'll get an almost two tier pricing group. The first being consistent dividend winners, made up by the likes of Messi and the top strikers and the possession dominant midfielders of the top clubs. No idea how high the prices will go but I'll be treating these as long term holds with a high ROI

    Tier 2 will be a far more speculative group, a lot lower prices but hard to pick anyone who will consistently provide buzz wins. I'd expect a lot of volatility in prices and potential gold if you can spot a cheap player early as the ROI will be big and the capital growth huge.

    Tier 2 will be a lot bigger than Tier 1!

  • @NewUser56882 Agree with this, the best PB players (especially strikers as there is minimal competition) could all grow a lot. Lewandowski for instance at 2.35 would only need to win 2 PBs in a whole season for a 10% ROI.

    Simply playing regularly at one of top clubs will significantly increase the chances of winning PB - they win more (win bonus), have more possession (passes, crosses), create more chances (shots, goals, assists) and keep more clean sheets. They are also more likely to be playing in the latter stages of European competitions (triple dividends).

  • I’m looking at the platform growth as a whole. I guess it's trying to see how far the actual growth of the platform with new 'players' joining, who also stay because without more 'players' the potential can't be reached. At the moment I’m just keeping an eye on how my 'likes' or 'followers' the FI football pages have on social media. Also if there's any recent news about FI. Hopefully once they have introduced the new set up from 1st Nov and any other potential announcements in possible areas which could be introduced like World Cup, managers and a general better player and portfolio analysis then a potential bigger marketing campaign to really push this 'new way of football betting/investing'. I haven't really seen them doing much marketing but maybe it's in their plan to once improvements and introductions have been made. I can only see growth in the entire platform!

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