• anyone else thinking Suarez is undervalued...?

  • he was one of my first captures when i signed to FI because I thought the same and nights like this i suppose are made for him... He should get you a couple of PB's over the course of the season but MB evades him as Messi dominates Barca news... Growth potential is slow and slightly damaged by the fact that aged 31 he's settled at Barca and his next move might not be for a while and should he go there's a good chance it would be to outside a PB league?

    Another negative PB factor is if Suarez is on song for Barca it usually means Messi is too!

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    Bought him @221 a few weeks ago & already had 20p in dividends as he won PB & star player (in the 8-2 game IIRC) which also prompted a 75p price rise on top & whilst I concur with the reservations above I still see him as potentially winning a couple more times this season, which would equate to a decent return even @313.

    Very decent player as part of a diversified portfolio there are far worse options out there but I think his capital growth will be fairly limited due to age, lack of transfer spec & teammates etc.

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    Suarez is probably one of the best players in the world.

    Unfortunately, as mentioned by another user, he has to compete with Messi and now the in-form Dembele for the forward dividends.

    The only reason he won PB a few weeks back was because Messi let him take the penalty, otherwise Messi would have been top PB.

    We are seeing this with alot of the top teams. The players are undervalued due to the competition within their own team.

    Cavani because of Neymar
    Mane/Firminho because of Salah.

    If Suarez is playing well, then you can pretty much guarantee that Messi is dominating the game. The only way Suarez wins the PB against Messi is if he scores the game winning goal.

    Ideally, you need to find a one man team, who are overperformjng. Think Le Tiss in his Southampton days, or Batistuta at Fiorentina.

  • Mane was over £6!, I would say he is overpriced mate, last year he hovered at 2.90 all season because of Salah.

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    Admittedly, he's probably not the best example at the current time, and I'd say that Mane/Firminho are now accurately priced, due to current form.

    But the point remains valid. The reason Mane was £2.60 last season was because of 'The Salah Show'.

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    Tonight just highlights his problem; Barca win 4-0, Messi scores a hattrick & nets 304 points & is pole position for PB/Star player whilst Suarez gets 77 points with 1 assist & hits woodwork.

    That Messi seems a promising player though!!

  • @NewUser159387 said in Suarez:


    That Messi seems a promising player though!!

    He’s gonna be massive.

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