Phillipe Coutinho

  • Almost a year ago we were looking at record highs of 5.26 for Coutinho who was doing great things for Liverpool whilst on the verge of a move to Barcelona... By January, the move had gone through and the fall in his price plummeted to lows of 2.89 before a steady climb buoyed by World Cup hysteria, a growth in FI use and the the expanded knowledge within investors that suggests moving to La Liga isn't that bad after all....

    So now he's up to 5.25 following the biggest dip (i think) in FI history... Coutinho is back.. Holders during this time (not sure if there's many left) have done well to see it through and ride out the storm, this for me is proof that we can all WIN if we keep the faith!!!

    Anyone invest on Coutinho and make money in the last year??? Anyone (like me) lose money before cutting their losses???

  • @dannypea

    Bought into him a few weeks ago @408 as I think he'll do well pricewise in the medium to long term, hopefully he might pull a few PB wins during that time as well; I know he's still in Messi shadow but I'd rather him be playing in the same team rather than the opposition!

  • I bought a load about months ago and held throughout the dip. I knew he would rise again, people panic on FI all the time. I'll continue to hold him for the 3 years I am aloud to, he returns well.

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