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  • Hi all,

    I am brand new to FI and was looking for a bit of help/guidance in terms of getting me going.

    I appreciate this is an incredibly vague question but what sort of strategy should I be setting off with (outlay of £300)? I’ve watched the FIG YouTube tutorial so know the basics but are there any other do’s and don’t’s that anybody would recommend?

    Also, what sort of % increase should I be looking for from my players before selling them on?

    Any replies would be much appreciated. Cheers.

  • Everyone seems to have a different tactic. I think people with plenty of cash splash out on the media magnets like Pogba and Ronaldo to get dividends. Lots have a mix of expensive players and young prospects. I’ve recently changed to buying young future stars like Geubbels, Sancho and Berge and hoping that they shoot up in price in the next few years. Will have to be patient though. Depends if you are looking for quick cash or are willing to wait it out.

  • Thanks Paul. I’m not exactly after ‘instant cash’ and know it may take time, I just want to make sure I’m looking at the right things and making the right decisions from the outset.

  • @NewUser178724 if you are not after instant cash then try and find young talent from a medium to top club that is already getting minutes, also young talent with speculation of transfers to top clubs.

  • That seems like solid advice. Again, I know there are no right or wrong answers, but would you punt for somebody in the PL or abroad?

  • If you want growth a half decent tactic is just buying bench players in the hope they will rise.

  • @NewUser178724 have a look at my latest video about selling differences

    Will give you some more info. There is a FAQ article in the comments and feedback which is a good read.

    I also offer a data product email and i will send you last seasons data for free to help you out

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