Big players. Small holdings.

  • Is there any gain in holding very few futures in a player like Messi/Neymar/Pogba?

  • Yes the same gain - percentage-wise - as a large holding

  • You are absolutely right, and I get that. I haven’t worded the question very well sorry.

    What I mean is, do people feel the £10-£12 on 1 future could be far better spent elsewhere? Of course if you’re going to have large holdings of these ‘big’ players then it all makes sense, but is it worth having any less than say 10 futures?

  • I'd probably aim for a balanced portfolio. So a percentage of your cash on big hitters and percentage on others. That's how I approach it anyway, try and maximise different ways I could profit , rather than go all out for a big win on one player or one strategy, sure others would differ

  • @NewUser178724

    The main reason for holding the big hitters & also why their prices are as high as they are is due to the dividend yield; I bought Pogba a few weeks ago @783 & have since had 114p in divi wins - so not only have I had some capital growth, current price @1085 but I have also received c.15% return in "free money" which can be reinvested into other futures.

    As has been pointed out these are % gains, so irrelevant as how many futures you hold, if Pogba was 2% of your portfolio the gains would be the same in % terms.

  • @NewUser178724

    I think it’s worth having a few - if nothing else it helps you stay happy as they keep smashing the dividend returns.

    But with only a few hundred £££ you probably want to focus on the lower end of the market to make some bulk buys and give yourself the chance of bigger returns.

  • I keep asking myself the same question. Ive invested around £500 but if for instance i purchased 10 x Hazard it would take up a fair bit of my pot. Plus if i want to sell him i would need his price to increase at least £2 just to cover the commision? Is it worth it guys?

  • I'd say no, it's so little back on dividends unless you can have a good amount of futures, I have 200 x Ronaldo and 300×pogba and when nothing is happening it feels like that money could be doing greater things elsewhere, only my opinion though.

  • @NewUser170016 why increase £2 mate ?? If he increases that much and you sell to the market and pay 2% then surely that's big profit.

  • Thank you I thought it wasnt worth it either, just means Ill rarely ever getbany dividends!

    Im around 500 committed and 30 in the green so i suppose thats ok after a few weeks?

  • @NewUser170016 you'd only need his price to go up by 2% to cover the commission which at £10 would be to £10.20 per future.

  • @Weedster think he was confusing 2% with £2

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