Wijnaldum much better than price

  • I'm confused to why Wijnaldum's price is so low and people keep selling him after his great performances, he scored against Spurs and was one of the best players on the pitch... and tonight he was named man of the match on sky sports, if it was him that had scored the game winning goal against PSG then he'd have won the midfielder dividends, of course that's a big IF but he is always a danger from outside the box and was unlucky not to score actually.

  • And if he had a long drawn out falling out with klopp over the last few months he would have won lots of media dividends

  • @Mwerdna Competing Keita who gets more touches and Milner who is on set peices. Doesn't score enough for PB, low media status. Quality player, but low FI potential.

  • @Lukeroro keita isnt really getting game time and Millner only really scores penalties, if all 3 played 90min every game I'd jump on Keita without a blink of an eye.

  • @Mwerdna As Keita's price drops through people panic selling, now is the time to jump. It's exactly what I did with Sane.

    Milner is on some corners and some free kicks. I don't know the stats but he I would assume he is involved more than Wijnaldum and maybe even Keita/Henderson.

  • @Lukeroro yeah think he takes most set pieces, I guess it's just fear of him not playing for me, he's not getting younger either, but Klopp obviously likes him.

  • when it comes to buying futures I wonder if we can over complicate prices being too low and too high as it shouldn't really matter...

    What matters should be... why would YOU buy this player?

    I see three ways of making money on FI (correct me if i'm wrong)

    Capital Growth
    Media Dividends
    Performance Dividends

    Then you have to ask yourself what time frame you are working to...

    Say short term investment or immediate flip? mid term (ie next transfer window), mid to long (next year or so), or long term (ie 2-3 years)...

    So with all the above in mind... Why would you invest in Wijnaldum? Yes he might work for an immediate flip (high risk strategy dependent on his match day performance) and yes he should work as a long term hold (he's not going anywhere, should keep playing under Klopp, good performances over time will see slow but steady rise especially if FI continues to grow) but PB stats on record aren't great due to the way Liverpool play through the MF up to strikers quickly so the likes of Mane, Salah & Firmino will always score higher as will the full backs who get forward and put umpteen crosses into the box (not to mention Milner in direct MF competition who takes set plays and pens).. so when it comes to PB Wijnaldum is likely at best to be outside top five within his own club which will always effect his total score (unless he scores goals and his ave is under x3 a season). So if I was looking for PB targets I would be looking at more influential players at their clubs (like Pogba, Pjanic, Kroos, Isco, SMS players that can get more than just the odd goal and players that take set plays)... As for MB.. This is even more out of bounds for Wijnaldum who has no sex appeal with no media hype or transfer status....

    Don't get me wrong anyone can earn money out of him and he's pretty low risk but if I were looking to invest i would want at least 2 factors of either genuine PB/MB potential and growth in value with at least two exit strategies and I don't think Wijnaldum offers enough incentive for me to invest.

  • @dannypea guess I made a huge mistake, to be honest I think i was traumatised by his price and then he scored and I thought I was onto something, saw his price was flying and didn't realise people were quick flipping 😞 guess I'll be holding until he has a great game and then dump.
    Thanks for your great advice Danny.

  • At worst he'll be slow grower and won't be a mistake as I'm sure if you hold his stock will rise enough (as others will note his low price too) but you mention the flippers and i've noticed more activity then ever in this area over the last few weeks so matchdays now can be pretty volatile with players values rising on performance before dropping when it's clear they can't win the days PB... Maybe something to look out for as flippers could make some money here by simply buying players that score an early goal and watching them rise before a quick same night dump??

    One thing I notice with Wijnaldum is that he had a sharp rise during April/May last season when he was one of the few available for PB wins in the European later stages... During the WC and summer his price obviously fell as he weren't involved but now it seems to be rising again as he almost certainly plays a part in the majority of Liverpool's matches? If you hold I would certainly wait and see as to where Liverpool are come Xmas as the European Nights will certainly help boost his credentials.

  • @dannypea 😁😁 nice to have some friendly advice here, I seem to have got a few haters unfortunately, that's what happens when you get under the skin of people with good reputations 😞 I'm getting a strong feeling that Wellbeck will be getting hammered if he scores an early goal... and then dumped for quick cash, it's not really my style as I'm here for the long haul, but I will sell certain players that get a temporary sharp rise, only because I've realised that I've bought certain players without learning the rules unfortunately.. Thanks again Danny

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