Mason Mount

  • Looks like a good long term and short term bet
    Currently on the rise after being static on 220 for a few weeks

  • @NewUser159184

    But simply no chance of any PB anytime soon & precious little MB chance either; If & when he returns to Chelsea what chance of any regular playing time? I agree there's potential but lots already priced in - How many Chelsea young prospects have been touted as "the next big thing" over the last few years against how many that have actually achieved anything?

  • I'm comparing him to Maddison who went up to £3.50 and can see him being that in 11 months. Hopefully Chelsea sell him like they did with Lukaku, De Bruyne and Salah.

  • Mid to long term he's bound to be holding down a regular 1st team spot in the premier league maybe not with Chelsea
    but he's too good to be in the championship for much longer than the end of this season.

    Similarly with Grealish

  • @NewUser159184 I understand the argument that these players "won't be in the Championship for long" and "are sure to be regulars in the Premier League soon", but my problem with that logic is that they already cost way more than a great many first-team regulars at the kind of clubs they might move to, and can't win you anything in the meantime!

  • James Madison £3.45
    Jadon Sancho £3.75
    P Foden £3.41
    Off the top of my head are players just breaking through in Phil Fodens case, currently only getting mins off the bench
    so this would indicate the potential he can rise too should he start featuring in the premier league next season as a loan player (chelsea is unlikely) and operating at the same levels as the 3 above

  • @NewUser159184

    Maddison is one of the first names on the team sheet for a club who WON the PL a couple of seasons ago & he delivered a 12p dividend a couple weeks ago (PB win IIRC), Sancho is starting but not one I hold, Foden started pre season & was talked up by Pep & England squad speculation.

    That's not to say Mount won't reach or surpass those levels but he's still at least 12 months away & there can be plenty of slips between lip & cup. I genuinely hope that he proves a great success for all his holders & England supporters but there is just far better options for £2.40 at present IMHO. Same argument applies to Loftus-Cheek & Grealish for that matter - it's all about risk & reward. All these are high risk for uncertain future reward but everyone has their own way to profit from FI.

  • Must admit as a Chelsea fan always have Josh Mcreacran and Gail Kukatu in the back of my mind. One Supposedly Englands best young prospect and Kakuta most sort after 17 year old in Europe. Where are they now?

  • Surely he'd go back and slot in just behind LoftusCheek in the pecking order, who's getting 20 minutes every fortnight.

  • If Derby Get promoted he'd probably end up staying there on loan in the premier league for another year as their main player.

  • @NewUser159184 Derby have been promotion favourites every year for years. I just don't see it now, especially as they let Vydra go.

  • Currently £3 and with a match against Man united this evening

  • Up to 3.62 this morning....

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