Portfolio this week down

  • So anyone ejse portfolio literally going down steeply this week ,??? What's going on this is ruining my day , my week , and my life

  • The valve of your investment may decrease as well as increase. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

  • 1.5% drop this week. Nothing to write home about. Primarily cos of players I took punts on.

  • @NewUser145896 can you please explain the difference between your portfolio going down steeply, and literally going down steeply?

  • Also down this week, that’s investing. Ride the waves bud

  • About £200 in two days biggest fall I've had in 4 months

  • @NewUser145896 which players have taken the biggest hit? depending who they are you have to have faith in the reason why you bought them in the first place

  • Rabiot , neymar , Suarez, and a few more are people skint middle of the month ?

  • well regarding your answers i think it's quite simple... Rabiot played crp last night, Neymar played crp, Suarez played for a side who scored four and he didn't score!!!

    I'm sure when PSG are back playing the likes of Rennes & Reims Neymar & Rabiot will be prolific with PB and the Suarez goal drought won't last that long either ensuring you'll be back up before you panic sell your best assets... But seriously don't expect Neymar's value to go up when he has a shocker in the big games... This is normal practice... and there's plenty of people doing ok this week too.... I don't hear too many holders of Firmino, Sergio Roberto or Marcel Schmelzer's complaining!!!

  • Whooooooooo?

  • @NewUser145896 yes, similar situation here. Market seems to be really volatile last week and this week. Strange as a lot of new users but not reflected in the players' values increasing.

    I heard this happens before a trader meet (on Friday) but usually because there is a deposit bonus which FI have said there won't be.

    Hold tight and believe in your portfolio. Good time to top up BTW!

  • We have had nothing but across the board increases in value for month after month, fuelled by no trader after new trader joining the platform. Some have obviously tried to buy and sell players quickly based upon just a couple of games so far this season. Some will be panicking as playing with money they have not got as mates told them you cannot lose! Obviously this is just a short term blip and I would expect it to settle down by the next international break. If your playing with money you can put aside for the medium term there is nothing to worry about. However we may now be reaching a point where you actually have to work for the profits!

  • @NewUser145896 said in Portfolio this week down:

    Rabiot , neymar , Suarez, and a few more are people skint middle of the month ?

    They're collectively down 27p in a week - if these are the 3 ruining your life I would hate to see you if one of your holds goes to China!!!

    Seriously though as mentioned above a balanced portfolio is key, each week some will be up and some will be down but if your portfolio is well balanced it will grow with FI.

  • Mate I have a 13 thousand pound portfolio I have balance I just think there's lots of selling at the moment for some reason ....

  • Wouldnt worry too much. Its sky rocketting today lol

  • Won't be after today 😂

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