• A friend who plays for Everton has said that Mina is looking great now in training and will soon start, also said that Michael Keane prior to his injury was playing much better than last year and that when both are fit will be the first choice centre half pairing. He is enjoying life under Silva and when all are fit expects there results to pick up. I own no Mina and only 50 Keane so no real vested interest at present but may add some Mina.

  • @Fletch I am really unsure myself with Mina, it felt like he was all arms and elbows in the world cup, especially against England, he was climbing all over the England attackers, was worried with the rumours of him going to Manchester United and was relieved he didn't, his price is ridiculously low though, would like to see couple of games first. I've akways liked Keane and would like to see him when he gets playing again too :))

  • Always cabable of scoring a goal which for a defender PB is major +

  • I liked the look of Mina in the WC reminds me of Davinson a bit of a rough diamond (but not quite as rough as Eric Bailly) with an obvious eye for goal.. At £2.19 I would want a player regularly starting though before I invest.. Maybe after a few weeks back we'll see if he has the capabilities of being a good solid EPL defender?

    As for Michael Keane I was impressed with him early season and at 25 still believe he can get back into the England fold.. At 0.76 looks to be much less of a gamble than Mina so certainly growth potential should he get back in the squad and kick on? Whether or not Everton's philosophy under Silva will expose their CB's a little is another question? I don't see them racking up PB scores with clean sheets if teh clubs first five league games are anything to go by!

  • Been saying the same to a friend who stubbornly sticks with Pickford in goal for his fantasy football team!

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