Are IPO's a good bet?

  • Or highly over-rated? You're waiting hours for the moment, the screen comes up to buy at 80p, you hit the button and you've bought at £1.10. And you're off to a great start...Has anyone actually got in on the offer price, or are suspected bots in control?

  • Bots are buying thousands of futures in any decent players & effectively blocking manual bidders from getting anything near the IPO price & FI allow this exploitation & effective taxation to occur, because so long as new players create turnover & hence commission they don't care who (or what) is trading them.

    Anyhow once the price settles there are still some good buys as the bot owners need to resell at reasonable prices in order to churn their funds for reuse. Personally my time is better spent elsewhere & buying once the price settles but each to their own.

  • @NewUser159387 agree. The IPO process was raised in the recent Q&A with Adam Cole and he is aware of the issues. Nothing has been done though and no communication that anything will be. Love the platform, but this is my one criticism. Very frustrating.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 Couldn't they just use a reCAPTCHA to confirm the buy and keep that on all IPOs for the first 24 hours.

  • @Misto Great idea - that would be the solution

  • I've put in a request for a player to be added in beginning of August, has anybody else done this before ?? If so any look ? My player is from the Championship but I'm expecting him to end up elsewhere, hopefully premier league.. Hoping the same thing doesn't happen with price, it's really annoying to wait all that time, then sit there updating and searching only to see the price already 50p higher 😢

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Misto Good idea. I'll bring it up at the traders meetup this Friday, and see if they think it's feasible.

  • i think the lack of transparency over the times IPO's are launched and the fact that when they are launched you never get them near the launch price (plus you can never find them initially) puts me off from even acknowledging this side of investing...

    Last one I brought was Pavon who I paid something like a quid each for, I eventually sold him at £2 during the WC but was in negative profit for at least a couple of months after his launch which says to me you don't always need to get in super early to get a good deal on a player...

    Also i don't often visit the blog section of the site so not knowing which IPO is launching when has a major factor of not being aware (other than through Agatello on here) to invest... Maybe a regular email marketing the launch of players or some kind of notification when these players come to market (on the actual main site) would make it more attractive to jump on?

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