Few footy related joke

  • Nothing ever worth reading in the “off topic” thread normally so I’m hoping to get a thread going with a few footy related jokes. Hope you enjoy and add a few your self.
    Watford player walks in the Physio room, physio says where does it hurt? Player says Deeney!
    Watford wanted 2 matts but ended up with janmaat!
    You ever been to Jordan? Ibe been there!
    Do arsenal have a good goalie yet? Let me just cech.
    My misses thought lingard was a deodorant!
    Have you ever helda costa cup?
    When you are going to buy a car why would you Pickford?
    Is it me or does Man City not have a hart any more?
    My gay friend supports Man City. The irony!

  • @NewUser81312 These are horrific but I somehow enjoyed them, keep em comin buddy

  • Few more. . . No one else?

    Brighton fans don’t go to matches to see boring 0-0 draws . . . They go to Seagulls!

    Ajax lost by 20 goals the other day I heard on the radio. . . The presenter said Ajax 1 Twente 1, didn’t hear who they lost too but man they must be good!

    When Fulham players want to know something the just ask seri.

    I have a few more but that’s dalot for now!

  • My missus has just left me.....
    She says I'm obsessed with football index,
    It's a shame as we was together for 3 seasons!

  • My Mrs said the same!!! She said we had no futures together!!!!😂

  • @dannypea 👍😂😂😂

  • You know the problem with the Everton defence? It needs to be Mina!

    Went to court today and the judge said bale is set at £200,000. I thought that was well cheap as it cost Real Madrid £90 million!

    West Ham had a bill for £20 million but they didn’t want to Payet!

    I know a women who sells sex from the back of a van, she’s a Van Dijk!

  • Manchester United

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