The 99p (or less) Club...

  • Hey guys

    What players do you think are a good purchase at the moment in the '99p or less Club'?

    My Top 5 are:

    Pedro = 98p
    Matic = 97p
    Carrasco = 93p
    Batshuayi = 92p
    Azpilicuerta = 89p

  • Forsberg 69p
    Aurier 75p
    Naingollan 76p
    Bailly 77p
    Willian 89p
    Lanzini 90p

  • Carrasco

    Not sure i'd buy any of them until Nov 1st shenanigans settle tho!

  • @NewUser59170........not bad choices, don't know too much about Forsberg but Lanzini would be higher if he was playing for a better team.

  • @pwp23....good choices, if Trippier stays fit then he will go over £1 and also Mendy seems to be on his way to being the new Kompany at Man City.

  • I'm very bullish on a player in the 99p club but I haven't filled my boots enough to share :D

  • @The-Chartist Interesting... is it any of the players mentioned above?

  • I like this thread.

    i would not ant anyone older than 30 in my 5.

    Coleman 69p
    Antonio 69p
    Abraham 85p
    Niguez 92P
    carrasco 94p

  • Bertrand
    Demarai Gray

    Talking of cheap players. Will relegations be scrapped when penny stocks come in?

  • Did anyone mention Fellaini?! :D

    Appears to have slipped through the net and looks like he'll get plenty of game time with Pogba out till January.

    70p could still be a steal esp when you compare him to Mata who is a whole 50p more expensive!

    Plus ol Jose def has a soft spot for him haha

    Food for thought anyways..

  • @The-Chartist..........thanks for the tip :-), Luiz has better hair but i think i might add a few Fellainis to the Portfolio.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @AndyP32 said in The 99p (or less) Club...:

    @The-Chartist..........thanks for the tip :-), Luiz has better hair but i think i might add a few Fellainis to the Portfolio.

    Defo toss up with on the hair front, never know how he can see the ball with that mop infront of his face!

  • Talking of hairstyles - an unusual haircut must be worth at least a 10% premium for the additional media buzz photo ops!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Koke 83p 1 pb win
    Dier 69p
    Bailly 74p 2 pb win
    Forsberg 63p
    Carrasco 92p 1 pb win

  • Some differentials for your portfolio.

    Tielemans £0.94 (he plays for Monaco. He's off in the summer).
    Vardy £0.70 (English bias- great for International Breaks and the World Cup)
    Azpilicueta £0.84 (always up there with PB points)
    Kolasinac £0.97 (only Bellerin to compete with for PB in Euro Cup for now)
    Alba £0.87 (had a sticky patch which dropped his price nicely- will do very well long term)

  • Well seeing as I've filled my boots finally I thought I might as well share my bullish 99p club pick....

    Well he was 99p when I started accumulating and now have 500 shares @ an average of 1.00

    And that would be Riyad Mahrez

    Ya'll would have to be patient but I'm looking for 100% return over 12 months when he gets his big move finally...

    That lad has bags of talent he just needs the right club, could see him do nicely at Arsenal.

  • Also loaded up on Kolasinac as my only defender @ 0.88 the other day.

    Seems good value for a defender who's already found the net and gets close to PB on most outtings.

    Plus the gooners have a lot of Thursday/Monday fixtures this year so even more chance of picking up a divi...

  • I'm big on Kolasinac as well and I'm also not big on defenders in the new world

    Think he'll get a fair few PBs, particularly if Arsenal progress in the Europa. I'm comfortable with him as a long term hold

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