Khouma Babacar

  • I know us traders have our own tactics . However last week I had a dream about Khouma El Hadji Babacar. May have been due to him being a football manager legend in one of my saves, and since I quit the game 5 years or so ago, maybe my life lacks the glory of winning the champions league, who knows.
    Anyway woke up and did some research and he plays for sassuolo who have he has been banging them in from the bench.
    This Friday he plays Empoli at home and costs 89p. I took a punt and got a couple hundred shares. if my dreams become fruitful this will be my new trading tactic, I hear the doubters sigh from here.
    Anyway I will give you this dream for free. If any one wants to hear the rest of them , football related or not let me know. they cost 40p.

  • would be interested to hear if there are any other buys based solely on emotion... because you had them in football manager? because they're your club cult hero? because they always score against your team? Or just because you like their haircut??

    Looking at my Portfolio I have held Luis Muriel since day dot not because I rate him or I think he's a good player, but because he was dirt cheap and playing up front (sometimes) for a decent side that plays in a top five league and in Europe and surely one of these days one will bounce in off his arse and he'll earn me a PB... I'll never sell him, he's in my portfolio for life simply because I refuse to stop believing in him!!!!

  • Jerry St Juste. Football Manager legend for me. Caught him at 40p a few months ago, he pumped up to the low 50s, didn't move, so I sold him off. Genuinely think he is a snip at 50p still, but needed the money to fund my current Leroy Sane addiction.

    Funnily enough, couple of weeks ago, dreamt of Sane doing absolutely amazing stuff in the Prem but I think that was because I took him out of my fantasy football team rather than the futures I hold..

  • @dannypea I bought Griezmann cos I liked his long hair lol. Didn't sell him when he had it cut though as he does have football talent too.

  • @Lukeroro hahahaha i've just subbed Cenk Tosun out of my draft fantasy team this weekend!!! GUARANTEED he scores!!!!

  • @dannypea Took Sane out and he scored vs Fulham. Despite a good weekend I've decided to take Ozil out and this weekend he is gonna do some stuff, mark my words!

    I'll keep an eye on Cenk for ya!

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