Is goalkeepers worth buying?

  • I have seen that goalkeepers can be a good buy sometimes but that they also can be pretty useless in some cases. So I want to know if anybody has some thoughts or knowledge about goalkeepers. Because on friday they realease Emil Audero on the market and he is a young goalkeeper that have played extremely well for Sampdoria these first games.

  • @NewUser166683 I would say it's basically never worth buying goalkeepers (unless they get their own PB category one day, but Adam Cole has said that's not high on FI's to-do list) as they very rarely compete for PB or MB, and current or potential dividends is what gives players on FI their value . The one exception is Alisson, but he's been steadily dropping in price since he got some MB for his blunder the other week.

  • GK's are a waste of time as medium or long term buys, as explained above; the one exception is short term trading, usually associated with transfer speculation - as illustration: I bought Butland @88 & sold @117 during the pre season, so good profits can be gained but he's back @77 so TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

    Whilst timing is important in all FI trades you can hold most outfield players in the hope of MB/PB wins but other than Allison, which was a world record buy so generated some MB, GK's never win against defenders. The only reason to hold longer term is like any future, young potential player - hoping for a transfer to a bigger club & the associated price rise hence I hold La Font @70 as he's rated the best young GK outside Donnarumma.

  • Do not buy goalkeepers full stop.

    Even in the example above of La Font who has great potential as a player he will end up like 99.99% of goalkeepers on the platform and never win even 1p of dividends so you are hoping other punters will buy him even though they know he will never win a penny!!

    Until goalkeepers get there own category or the points system changes you are reliant upon fools buying them to push the price up!

    Alisson is the exception to the rule and is now steadily falling,

  • Thanks for all replies. I have started investing long term but also like a " day trader" were I try to predict wich player that is going to jump in price when they get realeased on the market. I then wonder if there is any chance that a goalkeeper can jump up in prize because like any other good players entering the market. Like Emil Audero who is going to start at only 0.7 pund, that plays really well and have great potential.

  • Can play really well but will he win dividends - answer no

  • I brought a few in Kepa in the summer when his price was 0.50 and he got a move to Chelsea and within a week I sold at 1.50...

    So there are some circumstances where buying goalkeepers can make you money... But without transfer speculation i wouldn't touch them as Alisson aside they won't win MB and unless they save three pens and score a hat-trick with a game winning goal they won't get PB either..

    That said I do have a few holds hoping for that day when GKPB becomes available but in reality, the money is probably better spent elsewhere! I hold the best goalkeeper in the world (according to most) and he's returned me -0.01per share in 9 months!!!

  • @NewUser166683 I bought into 1 keeper.. Alex Meret from Napoli, he's only 21 years old and actually has the no1 shirt, I made my decision based on the fact he's currently out with a broken arm , (due back soon)and cost me only 61p currently 63p, I only have 100 futures right now because of the obvious negativity around goalkeepers, but at that price it's hardly a disaster if he never rises.

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