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  • Hi there,

    I am fairly new to Football Index. I deposited a few hundred pounds a few weeks ago so I could play around and get a jist to what makes profits and what causes losses. One thing I don't quite understand is the selling process. For example I bought Dusan Tadic and he rose around 10p. Now if I wanted to sell him to the market (not instantly sell) then I have to join the sell queue. My issue is, that the players aren't selling for days so for instance when I deposit more and put say 500 futures into someone at say £2 and they rise to say £2.40 and I the want to join the sell queue, will they eventually sell or am I just stuck on this and just praying they will eventually sell so? I have loads of players such as Jesus/Costa/Tadic/Pique who have been on the market for days and won't sell at all with very few futures. If anyone could give me some more information regarding this then that would be much appreciated!

  • @NewUser178706 I'm not an expert by any means, but normally if a player is falling in price then it's almost impossible to sell to market, also if you have set a reserve price and his value has dropped below this then i think you will need to cancel sale and set a new reserve price, anybody welcome to correct me if I'm wrong because I've been stuck in this situation a week back.

  • @Andy-M Thanks for your reply Andy, I see what you're saying, I'll see what anyone else says as well.

  • @NewUser178706 Yeah it all just depends on supply and demand, there's nothing you can actively do to speed up your market sell process. The players you are trying to sell are clearly not the ones people want to buy at the moment. It all just depends on the individual case - sometimes it's worth waiting but often if they haven't sold after a few days and the spread is not too hefty you might as well IS, especially if there are other opportunities for profit you want to take advantage of with that money.

  • @BL__FI Thanks for the info! Obviously this is impossible to predict but the best time to sell is whilst a player is still rising but at only a few pence short of it's peak price so you can sell for maximum profit? Not sure if that's correct but I guess I'm on the right lines?

  • @NewUser178706 Yep you've pretty much nailed it there - get out at as close to the peak as you can manage. Of course that particularly applies to players who are on a rapid rise due to a transfer rumour or something and are likely to crash sooner or later. There are also players who will have little ebbs and flows depending on their run of fixtures, form, etc., but whom you might as well keep hold of for a while as you don't know for sure when their next PB/MB performance is going to come.

    As you say, in any case you can never predict it with any real certainty, but with experience you can learn to spot some patterns and get out at a good time more often than not. There will always be occasions when someone you think has peaked keeps rocketing and you think "damn, I should have held on", or you're left holding someone who's dropping and realise you'll have to IS for way less than you could have got if you hadn't been greedy, but it's all part of the learning experience.

  • @BL__FI Thanks ever so much for that, really appreciate the info. Pretty much explains it all. One last thing, I know you said you guess it's worth holding onto them until the next PB/MB so if you keep them up for sale I guess eventually they will sell once there's a good run of fixtures etc?

  • @NewUser178706 Given some of the rubbish that gets pumped on Twitter I imagine virtually everyone would sell eventually! But yeah of the players you've mentioned, Jesus and Costa (I assume it's Diego?) will probably sell whenever they next get a couple of goals and look like they might win a PB, Pique I'm surprised you've had difficulty selling, looks good value in that Barca defence and will probably sell next time he scores. Just noticed Ajax aren't even in the Europa groups this year, so not sure about Tadic. It's worth having an exit strategy in mind when you buy a player (could be anything from sell before his next game or could be hold for 3 years, though it's very rare that you'd see that through), helps you decide when to sell and also to see whether there's really a good reason to buy them in the first place.

  • @BL__FI Ajax are in CL mate, unless you meant something else, which i apologize in advance.

  • @Andy-M Ah yeah, just a complete brainfart on my part there, cheers! I even had one eye on their score yesterday as I have a few Bayern players and they're the same group, but it totally slipped my mind just now. Tadic will depend on how Ajax get on in the CL or if they drop down to EL then @NewUser178706.

  • I like Tadic for PB in the UCL so I wouldn't sell him (although i probably wouldn't go as far as purchasing him either) but one point initially made is that you've been trading a few weeks.... Be patient (especially with the players you hold) as within a few months (not weeks) you should see rises (esp as all are playing UCL football) and by then hopefully a couple of dividends too!

  • Currently looks like players are more likely to sell on Friday/Saturday/Sunday as newbies are buying just prior and during games. Then instant selling after to buy again for the next games!!

  • As a general rule of thumb...

    • Sell to market when you’re happy with the profit and think the player is approaching peak price.

    • Instant sell when you think the player is going to drop a lot, or you need the money.

  • For my ten pence worth, I've been on just over 2 weeks and have set up my portfolio with the split of about 40% of expected dividend winners and 40% long term youngster prospects, I have about 20% players who I call short/medium term that I hope to rise in this time and I can sell at a decent profit. Trouble is I find the platform so dynamic it's hard not to keep buying players and get the "buzz"(forgive the term) out of doing so. I currently have 40 players which I feel is probably too many so am at the stage where I would definitely sell before I buy new. Totally enjoying it and even though I may have lost a few quid in real terms so far I can see this changing in the future. (Must adds I've been in profit until a bad day yesterday)

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