FOOTIE currently sits @35,297 any thought on where it will stabilize?

  • A newbie finding his feet... I have researched the FOOTIE points during the past year and in April 2018 it was sitting at 17,412 that is an increase of 18,515 in 5 months! Crazy growth! I understand that it is a total of all players' in the database. I am wondering how far will it go? Can it sustain this amount of growth? Has it stalled over the past months? I cannot find any data from the beginning of August.

    Or, on the other hand, is this something we really should not be paying attention to?

  • it started on 1000pts around Oct 2015 and it hasn't gone mainstream yet, although they are mobilising well to make it mainstream with their increased advertising and celebrity endorsements. Lots of growth to come including new countries. You're in at a good time

  • I’d agree it’s not mainstream yet. There are lots of ppl that would be playing FI, they just haven’t heard about it. So there’s arguably plenty more growth to come. But with regards to other countries joining- it was clean shirt trader I believe made a good point that there’s no guarantee they won’t just start another FI company for Europe/Asia to re launch all the players and get more income. May not happen, but worth bearing in mind.

  • @Valhalla If I was FI I would start a fresh index for Europe. I would list all the player at about a 10% discount that they are now. And then basically IPO all the players at near the current price.

  • @NewUser180407 going to make myself look stupid now 🙄 i never understood what that meant, i saw today 35000 something and up 85 something, I just guessed it was traders, please put me out of my misery 🤣🤣

  • @Andy-M Hi again Andy, from my understanding (may be wrong) it is the price of all players' on the database. Therefore, the increase in FOOTIE will show overall a growth across the board.

  • @NewUser180407 aha 🤣🤣🤣 I'll just change my user name to Andybimbo, that makes so much more sense than what i just guessed, never really put much thought behind it until i saw the topic, thanks for the reply mate.

  • @NewUser180407 that's an incredible increase, but i guess they do release IPO's very often too, at least since i joined in mid August, I know they're not huge prices but all adds up i guess.

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