Dani Parejo

  • Is it worth sticking with Parejo. Early days this season but his PB scores haven't been great so far

  • @NewUser96178

    Personally - and lots of people will disagree - I think Parejo was the biggest PB over-performer last season. I think his price has been massively inflated as a result.

    He had a frankly weird amount of GWG penalties which meant he returned a really good amount of PB. But it’s hard to see that repeating itself in the long run.

  • @NewUser96178 kinda glad I got rid at £3.50 now. He's not guna get a big move at his age so not likely to rise on that front.

    He may win a couple of times this season but the index is so saturated now it's getting harder and harder to choose and people are so fickle one good or bad performance is the difference at the moment

  • FI-Edge's PB simulations have Parejo on 59p of PB for last season and 66p of PB per season when the sim was for for the last 3 seasons

    Similar player to Banega and look what he did last night with solid PB holds traders sometimes just need a bit of patience

  • @NewUser96178

    Just been red carded in today's game, I don't hold as he doesn't match my preferred player profile but looks fully valued to me & I can see many better ways to spend 330 on a player.

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