Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (SMS) - How good is he really?

  • OK he's only 23 & has a good scoring record of 1:5 & looked very promising last year, creating some vague transfer speculation from both Juve & Man Utd; Lazio started slowly this season & although they have picked up a couple of results recently clearly aren't playing that well as a team just yet - So can anyone give me some more reasons as to why I have him as a long term hold?

    What sort of PB numbers did he produce last year? Did he bank any dividends?

    I'm just having a confidence crisis with SMS & need some reassurance.

  • He won PB twice (once star player) so he returned 0,30 in divs last season. Had a PB average around 70 which is not so good.

  • Seems the reason for holding is for the big move as opposed to dividends just yet.

    Although, if he has a duff year then it might not happen. 13 months ago Jean Seri was joining Barcelona and now he's at Fulham!

  • Granted, Seri is 27! And as a fulham fan I'm still excited at him being at the Cottage! But the rate youngsters are coming through if SMS doesn't have a massive year it might all fall through.

  • I actually think he's very overated from what I've seen, when i heard Manchester United were going to pay silly amounts of £££ I was wondering what the heck was happening, luckily it was just another hyped up rumour... if i had him and could sell without loss then I'd personally do that, but don't listen to me, listen to your heart, he'll probably score a hat trick next game if you sell, and then you'll be looking for me 😂😂

  • @NewUser159387

    He’s an all or nothing player. He’ll register rubbish scores for weeks, and suddenly score 2 and assist 1 for a big PB score.

    I think worth holding for this season because he’s been heavily linked with Real Madrid and Man Utd in the past, and another good season will see those rumours crop up again.

  • Imo sms is unique. Hes 6 4 with stunning control and skill for that size. He offers a manager great tactical flexibility as you can use him many different ways e.g as a target like a fellaini but upgraded or wider left wing (he can cross and dribble) or in the box (hes stong arieally) or as the main playmaker how many players are comfortable doing all the above. Of he hits double figure goals for the second year running in Italy at his age how can he not end up in Spain or England.

    I think hes perfect for Mourinho but as hes part Spanish and with the links I can definitely see him going to r.madid they have cash and space in his position. If that move happens in Jan hard to tell as hes about to sign a new contract but if he does hes eligible for champions league straight away and his transfer fee will be huge bringing more media to him.

    Finally I feel theres so much more to come from him he just needs to be pushed to the next level at a bigger club with that winning mentality feom the manager and teammates hes never had that with Serbia or any club always big fish in small pond

  • @M.s.b

    That's why I bought him & just the kind of reassurance I was looking for, thanks; You're not his agent are you?? :)

  • Np mate always here to help if I can. one thing i really like about football index is that we can all profit from helping each other. Just like any investment as I'm a fairly large holder in sms I made your I did my research before investing that's all after that all emotion is left to the side and I simply follow my plan. For me hes definitely one for the long term ill be making the most of the 3 year holding .

  • Who's he?..

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