• Ive only been on for 2 months and in this time i dont recall even seeing Neymar feature in any PB's or MB's
    What was the main course for his rise to £13:70 - was it the world cup or was he constantly winning PB's/ MBs last season?

  • From the 20th of July he has returned 14p in divs all MB (if my data is correct)

  • @NewUser159184 He was very good for MB throughout last season, and PB before he got injured. That's why he established himself at the top. He'll be picking up PB again soon I'm sure, just needs that GWG, but he does seem to be attracting less media attention this season than last, will be interesting to see if that changes again any time soon. On another note, if PSG finish third in that group and drop to the EL he could absolutely clean up on PB dividends.

  • Whether he rips it up at PSG or not they may be forced by FFF rules or just decide to go down the youth route with Weah & Mbappe & given Real Madrid have just lost CR7 to Juve without replacing him with another marquee name & are rumoured to have ££££'s waiting for the next big transfer window. Just join the dots!

    So whether it is on field performance or transfer speculation or both he represents a very solid hold over the next couple of seasons IMO. I've just topped up my holding as I believe he is one of the safest place to have your FI money just now; as any new starters are likely to look to the top 10 players (or buy a tracker) & he is currently No.1 in that list.

  • I've just been looking at the Ronaldo rise and justifiably understand why he's back in the top three... Pogba and Messi also deserve their recent success (they have won PB's already this season) but Neymar....

    Having watched him verses Liverpool on Tuesday and having seen the worst of him in the WC this summer i'm wondering if we'll see a slight drop in his values over the next few months (unless he steps up his PB game for PSG)...

    No doubt he's a talent, no doubt he's a long term hold and IF he does get a move to Real Madrid or back to Barca he should rocket again through the hype but just now??? Is he really worth more than Messi, Ronaldo & even Pogba???

  • How many PB’s did neymar win when arguably there were half the players on the index?......

    Neymar price rocketed with the introduction of PB

    It is not as easy to win PB now.

    Also Neymar was winning MB becuase he had just moved to PSG and had a world record fee.

    I it’s a different season, he isn’t winning MB and has more competition for PB especially as Mbappe has come to the fore in his own team.

    A lot of big traders from last season will have huge money in Neymar and just kept topping up (keeping the price inflated).

    He is miles overpriced for a new trader in the current curcumstances in my opinion.

    Based on CURRENT circumstances Pogba/Ronaldo should be the most expensive players.

  • @NewUser60527 since the 1st of january neymar is the 4th highest dividend earner on the index.

    Since the 1st march he is the 5th.

    Since the 1st of may he is the 4th. And so on.

    Ronaldo and pogba are the top 2 with salah having a very good season last year

  • All last seasons stats, again a different range of events, wasn’t Neymar injured with the World Cup looming? ( the end of February I believe,) lots of MB right there, before that he was earning PB and MB I guess?

    You cant just say becuase he won x last year that he will win the same this year, his price is based of last season and last seasons curcumstances that’s the point I am making.

    This season is different.

    I’m not saying Neymar is a bad buy but at over £13 he is overpriced this season.

  • @NewUser60527

    You can't have it both ways; I agree his price is largely based on his past performances & as Noir points out he's regularly in the top 5 dividend yielders but where his price goes from here will be determined by his future performance (which is by definition unknown) so you can either think he's over priced as those performances will decline or he's not a bad buy as they will be maintained or increased BUT NOT BOTH AT THE SAME TIME??

    Providing he stays injury free & performs on the pitch for a full season his price will not fall far, as you can add transfer spec & the fact that as FI grows he will be one of the main beneficiaries, as new starters buy proportionately more of the top players or trackers.

  • interesting to see on the price hike today that the likes of Ronny, Messi, Pogba, Hazard are touching 10%+ whilst Neymar is under 1% rise!!!! perhaps people are voting with their feet (or funds)....

  • @NewUser60527

    You are forgetting that a future only lasts for 3 years, Pogba will still have value in 3 years so agree with that, however Ronaldo will have minimal value in 3 years and one bad injury and will collapse in price before then so much higher risk. Neymar is still young, will have transfer speculation to come and plays in an easy league to dominate over a full season and will have plenty of time to recover from an injury (see last season).

  • I suppose the dividends stats say a lot for Neymar and why his price should hold up...

    I don't think he's necessarily overpriced, I just questioned his value as the top ranked FI player and that has already changed in the few hours I last posted...

    No doubt he's the undisputed third best player in the world at the moment (and the one player along with Mbappe with age on his side to take the top mantle) and whilst FI growth pushes he'll always be in and around the top three of FI players to buy..

    Should he be the market leader? on present form no... But should he be within reach of the market leader i say yes... so if we are to see the first £20 player this season and I would tip Messi if anyone to do it... No doubt Neymar will not be far behind so on that basis that £13 looks like a very decent buy longer term!!!

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