Deposit bonus!

  • Deposit bonus just been announced on twitter folks. Time to pile on. Make sure you opt in first.

  • Also, screenshot when you opt in seeing as you dont get a confirmation email... better safe than sorry ;)

  • Don't know what u think of this, but i just woke up and thought i was still sleeping and having a wet dream 🤣🤣🤣 £££££ .. unfortunately I deposited a few thousand in last couple of weeks and not willing to deposit right now, what i did do though is instant sell my players that were in the negative and put them directly into Pogba and Declan rice, I know that i probably lost a couple of hundred but still my overall is probably triple what it was when i went to sleep this morning 😁 sometimes you gotta just bite the bullet, I was waiting for an opportunity to dump those 2 players and decided that was my moment.

  • I’m right in saying you can up to deposit 10k and get up to1k in your account on 25th or26th, if promotion not extended?. When it says no withdrawals, you can still buy and sell I assume. Sorry if questions daft.

  • @NewUser59167 all true and correct.

  • Yeah sounds like its 10% upto 1,000 bonus, then don't withdraw, but yes you can sell players, but sounds like bonus based on investing those bonuses?

  • Very unprofessional in my opinion. Marketing Director confirms publicly there will not be a deposit bonus in September and then they announce there will be.

    Anyone else feel the same?

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市

    He cant really say yes there will be and then nobody invests for ages until its announced.

    Can't win either way

  • I've used this lunchtime's incredible growth in the top players as an opportunity to sell up and cash out my whole portfolio (almost all were Top 10 players).

    It's been an amazing 12 months on the Index, more than I could realistically have hoped for. Without ever having more than £3.5k invested in the Index at any given time, some shrewd trading, some dividends and plenty of luck has seen me nearly double my money (£3.3k profit, based total withdrawals minus total deposits).

    I'm sure I'll be back at some point in the future when I spot the next major opportunity (or deposit bonus period), but for now I'm going to enjoy having made money from "betting" for once.

    Football Index is awesome.

  • @Thornton88 why say anything at all? Misleading people is worse no?

  • I've been on FI since inception and first time I have taken advantage of the deposit bonus with a 4 figure deposit......impressed with the advertising over the WC and the Motty/Spanish fella getting on board......lets see what the season brings........ Perhaps a share split to follow??

  • @ocs123

    All the best for the future mate.

    Not many of us know how to quit when ahead!?

  • @johnboywalker agreed- considering taking out my investment and just playing with the profit i'd made.
    Then it's risk free and I can be a little more reckless ; )

  • @ocs123 hi ocs123, just wondering if you put all your players on the market or if you had to Instant Sell ?? Well done on doubling your quids and hope you join us again in the future 💪🏻

  • @TheFearlessFox what does the Share Split actually mean? I've seen people writing about it quite often recently, sorry if it's a bimbo question.

  • Any one got the link to the opt in and t and c s

    I’m struggling

  • @Andy-M

    They issue twice as many shares in a player; so your holding will double but the price halves i.e. 100 futures in a £10 player become 200 @ £5 so your investment hasn't changed but the player appears cheaper so more can afford & buy them so pushing values higher.

  • @NewUser159387 aha, thanks mate, not sure if people will agree with me but i like the sound of that because our big boys will be more affordable to newbies and no doubt show new hefty increases for current holders... or am i dreaming?? 🙄

  • @Andy-M the last share split I was involved in FI was on a 4-1 basis . . . . i.e 20 pogbas @ £10 became 80 pogbas @ £2.50

    FI did this as the unit prices were getting quite high and thus the share split increased liquidity level's.......with the level of prices now getting to unprecedented high levels, I would guess it must be on the agenda for FI to consider....

  • @TheFearlessFox wow, thanks for that reply, had no idea because only been here a month, so are you hoping for the split? Because it sounds like music to my ears, I'm guessing there is a huge percentage of traders that can't afford to splash out on let say 100 futures in the top 6 right now, it must be a bigger worry for FI than for us, so c'mon FI get it done.

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