Suarez/benzema price

  • At their current prices I think they are an absolute steal, benzema has to step up this year with the absence of Ronaldo and I think he will, Suarez has all the help he needs and WILL put plenty away this season..

    There’s a lot of potential for top forward/player this year for these two mark my words..

  • @NewUser127076

    Hey, welcome to the platform.

    You might not already know it, but there are several reasons why these players are so 'cheap'.

    The main reason being that Benzema has to compete with Bale and Suarez has to compete with Messi for PB.

    If Barca are playing well, u can guarantee that Messi will be the main reason. In simple terms, Messi steals all the PB away from other players in his team. He takes the pens, he scores hatricks etc etc ...

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Also as they are getting towards the end of their careers people will start to take their money out and buy into the next generation

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