Missed the boat slightly on the 10%

  • ive just put £10k into my account unfortunately it looks like ove missed the initial surge
    Whats the best tactic now that the original surge has died down
    Is it best to invest in the up and coming players so that if i want to cash out some of it the spread is lower?

  • I understand you have to buy futures within the promotional period to qualify for the deposit as per point 5 in the T&C's ?

  • You'll have to spend £10k on players already at a slight premium. In all honesty, if it was me, I'd wait for the next one. We'll see a slight dip in prices once the deposit bonus is in, and that'll hit you if you're entering now.

    Up to you though :)

  • I think so yes. I believe even if you make a loss you still get the bonus. Invest 10k. Get £1000. Lose £100 and you are still up from the bonus. Make sure you check this out though mate first!

  • If this bonus runs anything like the last bonus there is still plenty of time!

    The last time this offer was given player values continued to rise until it was over. There will be plenty more people entering looking for their 10%.

    A lot of people worried player values would drop significantly after the offer ended but that didn't occur. In the end most chose to deposit their 10% bonus rather than withdraw it.

    The offer is available for a total of 60 hours, we are still in the first 3! There will be a decent surge once everyone finishes work and can deposit. Don't miss out by being afraid to get in now!

  • Already pullback oppurtunities

  • Based on my data from the last promo which was exactly the same deal as this back in July, there was a massive surge for the first half of the day and a slight drop which we've already experienced ( you can see if you look at the top price of hazard and co today). There was then a slight drop when the bonus expired (people removing their deposits as their tactic was simply to get the bonus and remove their money) but then we had 3 weeks of non stop growth. My portfolio had 20 days in a row of capital growth. The reason being most reinvest their bonuses once received so the market continues to rally.

    There will be a lot of late comers to the party like me who've just dropped my cash into the market and probably more this evening after work and this weekend too. I guarantee the market will continue to keep rising all season so if it were me I'd invest sooner but pick your players smartly. I went for those that I'm confident that will get PB but hadn't risen super crazy like Depay and Thauvin who I (especially like for Europa). Banega was the exception. I got a little miffed I missed the 60p+ rise but I bought a little as I'm confident he'll rise as Sevilla progress through Europa too. He still looks good value like for like.

    10% roi in a number of days tax free with the confidence your portfolio will be up further as the season progresses is not too shabby a deal. he who dares...... ; )

  • So if I invested £10,000 I could withdraw £1000 without even trading?

  • @Rob so long as you invest it and spend it on players yeah that counts. there's no play through, simply free cash.

  • @Rob
    just make sure you have opted in first. the only rule is no withdrawals allowed until the offer period ends

  • @Mr-Matt so if I purchased £10,000 worth of 0.21 players and sold at 0.20 I'd make a profit? 1p loss per future. With 0.004 commission. So roughly £900 return

  • So guys on this topic here is what my portfolio did around the last 3 deposit bonuses i remember


  • @Noirx4

    Trust you ...

    Here he goes again, the frickin Oracle!!

    My man Noir loves a spreadsheet!!

    Excellent work, as always.

  • @johnboywalker 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • So if I put in say £500, put it all on one player, then sold it all a moment later, the only loss I’d make would be the 2% selling commission and I’d still get a free £50?

  • @NewUser161744
    No you would lose the spread on top of the 2% commission and wouldn't be eligible for the 10% bonus because you have withdrawn money before the 26th

  • @James but if I only sold the futures I bought, and kept the money in my account and only withdrew after 26th?

  • @James
    As far as i understand it
    You CAN Sell players that you have purchased in the bonus period the only way you can then invalidate your bonus is then if you withdraw the money out. So if you are intending on doing that, i would wait until the bonus has landed in your account
    before withdrwing anything

    Also make sure you have Opted in (take a screenshot as well)

  • @Noirx4

    Following the crazy rises in the top players today (on top of their recent rises); Hazard + £163, Pogba + £146 CR7 & Messi both £1+ & possibly more to come over the weekend there must be room for some profit taking & buyback?

    Anyone who already held these for a few weeks is sat on £4/5 gains & whilst my strategy is to hold for the long term & milk dividends I am sorely tempted to cash in at least part of the profits & buy back in in a couple of weeks at say 10-15% lower price (which would be a strong profit after commission).

    Is there any flaws in this plan, other than they don't fall back, which I discount as unlikely?

  • Prices gone mad.if i buy in now, prices will inevitably crash and portfolio will be a sea of red.dont know what to do here!

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