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    My first impressions are that I don't like the blue colour for minus figures. It's not distinctive enough and harder to spot and focus on. Everyone on the planet understands that Green is positive, Red is negative. So I've fired off an email about that.

    Not happy with the price graphs as they do not show time segments as days, months or six hour slots like the current one does. When I look at players prices on the old site, I can cross reference if a price hike is due to a transfer announcement or an IPO. Plus you see the highs and lows of that day. So I'll send one off about that. Other trading platforms show time segments?

    I love the search part where you can see a teams players all in one place. So I'll give praise for that too.

    If you have views one way or the other, please let them know - don't ask, don't get!

    Other comments welcome here, but send them off too.

  • First thing I noticed which I don't like is the amount of white space. On mobile, it only shows two players on the scroll list when you first load. I would prefer this to be condensed like the existing. Too much unnecessary scrolling otherwise.

    Like the search for team feature.

    Some costs and value figures need more spacing

    Needs more functionality - download portfolio etc

  • The white space was mentioned by themselves, and they will be looking at ways to put extra info in, so that's wait and see

  • does anyone know how to view the media articles? so PEA has 80 points this morning but I have no idea how to view what articles he has the points for?

    I agree with the blue it needs to be red.

  • @B1992G you literally just click the player and scroll down below the graph haha, I don't like this if I'm honest, should be like the old where you just click the player and you can see the articles below

  • @B1992G Please send feedback to addy's above or there's no chance of it being changed back, and let us know that you have done so, it encourages others to do the same. Thanks. It was said they want the platform to be the way we want it, so to all, get sending your views.

  • @Ollie I will do later mate, I want to see how PB looks once games kick off then I'll send a big one with what I like and don't ETC

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 Is the mobile view a new app or whole website?

  • I did start a thread for this. Ollie's is the one that has taken off, so i'll repost my thoughts here.


    Better charts
    Better Search

    Forum link down the bottom
    Looks a bit sterile, very white and boring.
    Cant see the watch list star

  • One more thing i noticed is that when you have sorted the list and then go down to click on a player, the "Back to list" or the general back button on the browser refreshes the previous page. It would be better if it saves the previous state we were in. Easier when looking for less popular players

  • @Ollie said in Your comments on the beta site:

    I love the search part where you can see a teams players all in one place. So I'll give praise for that too..

    Have the updated the correct team for players? Mitrovic is still down as a Newcastle player on the app..

  • Only petty, but kevin de bruyne and matthys de ligt shows as kevin de and matthys de is kind of irritating!

  • that's an awful new site!! I'm totally shocked they think that's progression (and I work in digital marketing and do websites so I know this side of things!)

  • @NewUser99665 write it to Adam Cole... i dont think they read the forum here....

  • Feedback sent.

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