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  • My portfolio is mainly long term holds but I’d like to start some short term flipping to make quick profits hopefully.

    For any flippers out there, my main question is how much can you realistically invest regularly in a single player to make it worth while?

    i.e. would investing £1000 in one player and getting a 5% return after commission after one week be realistic?

    If people could state their % return on flips and timescales between buying and selling, that would be useful.

  • @NewUser117752

    I've been investing for a couple of months now & am building for the long term, as illustration I have sold <5% of my portfolio in that time, mainly on transfer speculation buys that either worked out or not & a couple of injuries (although getting injured often seems to be the best possible thing for guaranteeing price rises - KDB, Ox).

    My diverse portfolio has benefited from 2 bonus offers & start of season enthusiasm, so I could sell 85% of them for good profits (Hazard & Pogba + £5 already) but having banked those profits where do you reinvest them? I considered a trading strategy & believe it will lose out to a buy & hold strategy as the index continues to grow & although there are thousands of players to choose from only a small number are worth holding, a couple of hundred at most. So I have tried to build positions in them & either milk the current dividends or benefit from their longer term capital growth (as young promising players may not yield any immediate PB/MB but as they improve & get moves to bigger clubs their "PB/MB earning potential" increases).

    That isn't to say trading doesn't work, it clearly does & can be used alongside long term growth players but it relies on timing & that can be awfully difficult to keep getting right. For example if you had been temporarily in cash mode just before the latest bonus offer was announced you would have missed the large gains that have been made across the board. Simply the more you want to invest into a player the harder it is with the current 100 future limit (£1k into an 80p player would significantly change the price but hardly be noticed into a big hitter).

    Having said all that I am considering setting aside a small fund, say 15%, just to short term trade on rumours, gossip or opportunities for example Umtiti got sent off for Barca so Lenglet is likely to start the next CL game & possibly more, so a quick profit is possible as others buy on the team sheet news or as shown above wait for a marquee player to get injured then jump in on the back of the inevitable sell off & see him climb higher than before without even risking kicking a ball (just crazy but true).

    Ultimately as in any trade if you buy low enough & sell high enough often enough it will prove very lucrative it is just spotting those opportunities that is the key to sucess.

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