Account suspended leading to plenty of forgone trading profits

  • My account has been suspended since Friday evening for a silly reason, and I have not been able to buy and sell any players since then. (I have of course completed the verification ages ago). I got in touch with CS this morning, who said that the reason is because my card clashed with another customer's card (same first 6 digits and last 4 digit). While I am no expert about debit card numbers, it just doesn't make sense when there can exist cards belonging to different people that have the same first 6 and last 4 digits. They said that finance team is reviewing and will only get back to me in 48 hrs. Well, I sent photos of all the cards I used to make my deposits (showing my name and first 6 and last 4 digits), but got no reply since lunchtime today. I took part in the bonus yesterday and deposit many thousands and got to ride on the first hour surge, but haven't got to spend all of my deposits. If my account remains suspended, I will have no opportunity to spend the remaining amount and will be T&Cs miss out on the bonus cash payment. But what is worse is that when my account is suspended, not only can I not buy players, but neither can I sell! I have screenshots of wanting to buy players on Friday night (e.g. Vinicius Junior at 3.48, Kimmich at 4.80, Brozovic at 3.49). Thankfully this is happening in a "safe" period of rising prices, imagine the frustration if someone had a serious injury! I have a £30+ k portfolio and it is ridiculous that my account is suspended through no fault of my own, and that FI CS have done nothing even after I sent photos of my card. I invest in ETFs and stocks as well, and if ever an account is suspended preventing selling activity of assets within my own portfolio, that will have serious repercussions. I have steadily increased my holding in FI and got the full £1000 bonus previously, but this incident has left me really frustrated and concerned about shifting more of my portfolio into FI.

  • @NewUser108515

    I can only sympathise with ye mate.

    Shit luck, but look on the bright side, I think everybody has made some real money this weekend from their existing portfolio players.

    Yeah, you might have made more If it wasn't for this unfortunate set of circumstances, but just see it as bad luck and try to move on!

    Your 30k will be 50k in no time!

  • My portfolio is a couple of hundred quid.. fancy donating me a few Pogbas and I'll clean yer windows?!

  • Still no reply from FI CS although I'm sure people would have read this...looks like they are indeed going to wait it out until Monday giving me no chance to buy a small amount more of players to qualify for the 10% bonus, and then just apologise for the unfortunate circumstances on Monday. Cheeky. This is quite unlike the high quality and professional FI I have been impressed with over the past few months that led me to have confidence in them.


  • @NewUser108515 If you look in your transaction history. There is a box that says "Customer service gesture" so maybe they will still give it you, seems to be something they can do or why have the box.

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