• Hi all, relatively new to this, so wondered who people thought was a safe bet to start investing in, until I gain a bit knowledge?


  • Sup Loob, alot of the risers and fallers will be mostly transfer speculations until the season starts so if you're looking for buzz wins/ dividends I would advise anybody linked to manchester united seem to dominate the buzz. Safest bet I would say for the new performance dividends starting at the beginning of the season I would say are Kane, Jesus, Rashford perhaps they wont fluctuate much before the season starts so you may go with the first idea with transfers instead.. Hope even a little of this helps best of luck trading bud just remember to be patient from time to time and trust your gut ultimately.

  • Thanks for this mate.

    You think it's wise however to stay away from ronaldo and morata incase of price drops or just pay top whack?

  • I'm currently running that risk myself with morata at the moment paid £4.97 a share so I missed the gains that other people got with him, got a feeling the negotiations will most likely take a while longer so hoping he picks up some some buzz dividends then his price may dip once it is confirmed all be it Man U or Chelsea who get him then I may sell quick if the market reacts and starts dumping futures. Hopefully he rises to around £5.50 mark like he has been in the last couple of weeks then that would be a fast little profit for me entirely your decision I would try and catch him if there's a dip in price and then he shoots back up kinda thing.

  • I've already lost money on lindelof so Should I keep him for the long run?

  • @HBurke I am by no means an expert but I would personally sell him. For the following reasons:

    • If you narrow the market to just defenders you will see that the defenders with the highest price are those with transfer spec. Lindelof is already confirmed.
    • Look at other united defenders to give you an idea of future value.
    • Generally defenders rarely increase in value.

    Lindelof may give you a buzz for a debut but I highly doubt it as his debut will coincide with others.

    On the other hand, depending on how the opta buzz works he might be a sound investment but those details aren't available yet.

    TLDR - If he was my player I'd sell....But that's just me.

  • @Kamarak sell even if I've lost 60p?

  • @HBurke Yes. I highly doubt he will reach £1 .40ish again. It appears u bought him at peak price. If you look at the most expensive defender Van Dijk, he reached his peak at £1.70, now the interest has cooled he has dropped, he will go up again soon because theres bound to be more transfer talk.

    The lindelof transfer is done, so the interest in him from a buyer's perspective is pretty much done. There's no real reason for him to rise. As far as I'm aware, lindelof is not your Balotellis type player that will feature in the headlines every week. I can only see him dropping further. Take united best defender for examole... Bailly, look where he currently 50 odd pence. I would cut my losses at take it as a lesson learned.

    Although again, we don't know how opta buzz will work so he could prove a good buy. But I can't see him reaching the £1.40 mark again.

    Bit of advice...

    If you're in it to flip players, only jump in at the beginning of a trend, if you've missed it, let it go. U might lose out on a few quid here and there, but you'll save more money than u lose. Don't be afraid to miss out. There's always another story.

    If you're in it for the long run and not quick flips, the Best advice I can give u buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. I'm in it for the long run so I'll give u an example...right now u can get Griezmann for cheap, in the January market there will be speculation and almost certainly at the world cup next year. History tells us his price goes to £7. If u hold him long term u could potentially treble your investment.

    Again I'm not telling u what or who to buy, this is purely advice. The decision is ultimately yours.

    Hope any of this is of use! 😂

  • @Kamarak thanks for good advice!

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