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    I'm guessing a few people are losing money on Ageuro with his latest injury news. The question is are people cashing out or holding out for him to increase when he's back fit ?


  • buy low whilst people panic sell as per. he will only rise again, still one of the best strikers and plenty of media buzz.

  • I'm holding - topped up Jesus/Sterling. Sane also as his importance seems likely to continue to grow, esp now with his attacking flair

  • I'd prefer FI to reduce the spread and less the panic sellers offload

  • Jesus/sterling and sane as they will only increase over time anyway all being quality young attacking players and city being favorites to win prem, go far in champions league, international players, plus with future transfer talks no doubt.

  • Anyone selling Aguero and taking a loss on him for injury news is mental IMO. He'll.come back without doubt.

    If they're selling and breaking even (or better) then I completely get why. Reinvest elsewhere

  • Looks like we'll be seeing SJS as the front three...

    Such a shame about Aguero, was really looking forward to a cracking clash with Chelsea this weekend.

    For me Sane is still the best buy and I have a revised price target of 2.20 minimum. Papers were salivating over his last performance and his goals this season have been sublime.

    Jesus seems to struggle to wrack up buzz points and his price is quite high.

    And with Sterling you never know if he's going to go missing and swing his foot and blast it into row Z haha

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