Rodri(go Hernandez)

  • This boy could go onto great things. I’m not suggesting he will hit MB just yet but he is only 22, full Spain international, performing well.
    If at some point he is linked with real or a premier league club he could however he is known as Rodri, that’s how he appears on the team sheet. Hernandez isn’t even his surname.

    Picture a scene where he gets in a fight with Neymar, headlines all over ‘Neymar and Rodri battle’
    Neymar loads of MB
    Rodri none

    It also makes him difficult to find if you want to buy him.

    If headlines had to have Neymars full name he’d be worth FA, hardly seems fair?? Views

  • @Ringers FFS I've been waiting for ''Rodri'' to IPO, should have spent more time researching him!! Just checked my records and he's picked up 3 scores of 150+ in 2018 (thought it would have been more)

    Completely agree he should be listed as Rodri as that's how he's known, but too be honest I'm not worried about his MB, once he picks up a PB his price should increase considerably.

  • FI could just solve the issue of finding players by returning both the name and team in the search? Although still have the issue that some players have the wrong team listed so these will need correcting.

    And yes, very good player, expecting big things from him.

  • @AT10 are you the reason for the 3p rise in the last few hours?

  • Is he an offensive threat?

  • @Ringers yes mate, bought 200 and he went up 3p.

  • @KingZ he played very deep for villarreal last year, scored 2 in around 60 for them.
    Haven’t seen him this year for atletico but they set up quite defensively so I expect his is deep there too.
    His interception and pass completion is good, he could win PB, but it’s likely to be on days with few games IMO.

    Buy a few he’ll be 3 quid by Xmas, he’ll stand out in CL and la liga

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