Players playing on a Sunday advice

  • Quite new to the game still in my 1st week. I noticed some massive raises on Friday, is that due to games coming up on the Saturday so happens most Fridays?? Also with the likes of messi playing tonight do you think he will be likely to raise or am I reading this wrong.
    Thanks for any advice

  • @NewUser180311 :-D I wish!!!! No, the massive increase is because of the deposit bonus currently running.
    Essentially deposit, spend and then wait for a 10% cash bonus from FI. If you're planning on depositing more then now is the time to do it (once you've opted in!)

    Historically, generally there is a small increase towards the weekend and a small fall Saturday / Sunday afternoons as people try to pick up a performance buzz winner and then sell again if they fail to do so.

  • Thank you, yeh I saw the 10% offer and put £500 in after convincing the wife haha. So you think people will jump on the seria A and la life games playing today to get the performance/media for the next day? Thanks for your reply enjoying this FI and got my 1st dividends last night :)

  • @Ash88 typically people buy a bit further ahead than on the day. However if someone posts a good performance buzz (PB) score in one of the early games there will be people buying. Just be careful of this trading tactic though; Ibai Gomez went from 70p to £1 and back down again yesterday.

    Not sure if you've already done it but just be aware you'll need to spend every penny of the £500 to qualify for the bonus.

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