3 Quality Young Defenders on the Rise

  • I have taken a keen interest on defenders over the last few months and seen some great increases. However 3 that have not yet risen above £2 that are quality and offer great upside have just started to move in the right direction and could offer good value are.

    B Pavard - VFB Stuggart currently £1.90

    I would be amazed if he does not find his way to one of the big clubs in the Christmas transfer window or at the very least in the summer. He is aFrench international who is the mainstay of his clubs defence at age 22
    looks comfortable passing the ball and with transfer speculation to come see him being £2.50 + by the end of the season.

    D Rugani - Juventus currently £1.22

    Yes he did not get his move in the summer and yes he has been kept out of the Juventus team so far this season by the 2 old boys, this will not last and he has started to creep up in price. He is 24 year old Italian International and once in the Juventus team will start to rack up the points - £2 by season's end maybe quicker.

    C Lenglet - Barcelona currently £1.57

    Another French player who looks great on the ball with good previous goals record, will get his chance in the Barcelona team now that Umtiti is suspended for CL and once in the team must replace him long term. Aged just 23 plenty of growth time and will I believe grow the most of the 3.

    To be clear I own futures in the 3 of them and will add more but looking at the price of other defenders think there is a lot of profit to go around.

  • I agree - I also own Rugani and Lenglet, and sold Pavard for a nice profit recently but will be going back in for him on pay day because I realise selling him was shortsighted.

  • Totally agree...

    Got all 3.. Promising youngsters already at top clubs.

  • Agree, all good shouts. I'd add Wallace too of Lazio, still a real bargain at 77p - bags of potential.

  • @Fletch well done mate 👍 I hold Rugani, sold Pavard with good profit (too early :[), I thought about Clement but will see what's happen in nxt few weeks...
    Anyway what do you think about :
    Restos - 106p young, well played last season, some good PB scores, just bck from injury so expect him play soon first 11, EL as well,
    Boubacar Kamara -125p slowly going up, very young perspective player, had some game time this year already,EL,
    Akanji -195p one of the best in Bundesliga, only 23, went up 80p ish last few weeks,CL
    Diallo - 193p like above but he is new in Dortmund but already main DC in team,CL,
    Bennetts - 101p young English lad, mentioned on forum, speaking German, bck from injury, should get minutes... and look on other English players in past who played in Bundesliga, worth it risk. Odriozola - 160p bck up for Carvajal but season is long and he will get minutes, CL,

  • Dan-Axel Zagadou, plays for Dortmund. Big strong, French kid. Around the £1 mark at the mo, played pre season games but on the bench for the past few games, has played for France too and has a cool name some would say.....

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