Slow and steady

  • Hi traders,

    First time I’ve posted on this forum.

    Having started trading just before the World Cup with £100 deposit, today I’ve just ticked over to an overall value (futures + cash value) of £120 after commission.

    Nowhere near as impressive as some people’s portfolio but I’m pretty pleased with myself

    Anyone else on here start with a fairly low cash deposit initially like me and where are you up to now?

    Happy trading!

  • @NewUser151685 Started on Tuesday with £500 and then topped it up again on Friday another £500. Currently sitting at £1100 - Not as low as £100 but still low in comparison to some of the big hitters I have seen.

  • 20% ROI is far from slow and steady mate- nice work :)

  • More like small but progressive 💪🏻

  • You’d get 0.5% return on your money if it was in a bank. So not shabby at all.

  • Good work! I think its good to start small while you learn the ins and outs of the platform and get a feel for what affects a players value.

    I started with 20 quid in March this year. Each pay day I'd stick around 50 quid in after I saw decent rises. Stuck a couple of hundred it for the August deposit bonus and another 100 in on Friday.

    I now have a portfolio of 21 players with around 4 big hitters, some mid range players and a number of younger players (most with pb potential).

    So far I've invested a total of 540 and current value is currently 770 which I'm very happy with. Not made any withdrawals. I love the Index and will be trying to scale up when I've got the spare cash to do so.

  • @Valhalla said in Slow and steady:

    You’d get 0.5% return on your money if it was in a bank. So not shabby at all.

    Bear in mind that's over a year too- this was in around 5 months. So you'd have earned less than 0.25%...

  • @CleanShirtTrader Quite right. Ppl don’t quite realise how the 15%-20% annual return you get on FI blows away anything else can get out there. But then it is a higher risk investment;)

  • @NewUser151685 i started with just £500 last year but have thrown in several thousand since. My portfolio is currently £38,000 and over 50% of that has come from football index

  • Shortly after my initial post I invested a further £50 and earlier today (largely with thanks to Paul Pogba!) my portfolio value has passed the £200 mark.

    I’ve done this with holding no more than 5 futures in any player (my modest cash value makes buying any more than that and maintaining a decent level of diversity difficult) and just over 6% of the total value has come from dividends.

    30% growth ain’t too shabby at all. How are you’re more modest portfolios doing?

  • @Noirx4 I want to know how this guy is doing? 😉

  • @Noirx4 so from last year £500 to 38k portfolio hmmm what’s the secret mate

  • @Rick no secret. shortly after your first month. Go balls deep into FI and Noirx4 got his rewards.

  • @Rick he’s invested 18k and made 18k over about a year. Doubled his money but Noir knows his figures better than anyone.

  • @Murph nice murph 💪🏻

  • So latest stats. Stuck another few grand in at start of october

    0_1546382804251_20190101_224529.jpg .

  • @Noirx4 Nice. ive been on here two weeks and 100 quid up. Still playing round with strategies.

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