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  • Hi all,
    When I joined FI 4 months ago I thought buying Pogba for 6£, Hazard for 6£, Ramos for 2£ or TAA for 1,8£(or to be honest any players from top 200) is not bad but not for me because of small budget ... (idiot) I had 300£ so I felt that the better idea will be to invest in young players who will rise in few months and then reinvest some profit in bigger players! Then in nxt few weeks I managed to add 2500£. And again, nothing changed with my strategy (idiot) and invested it all in young players, NO BIG BOYS at all!!
    And now after 4 months when I'm looking at my portfolio and compere with others I'm devastated!! Market, FI moved forward, I haven't (backwards instead). People making huge money on Big boys and other top 200 (not only cos some 1£ or 2£ ish players flying) and I feel like my players and only mine don't wanna move at all!!
    So I'm asking you guys for help, what should I do, any ideas, suggestions?Sold, keep, reinvest... I will be much appreciated, thnx
    And that's my players I invested - they are going down,stay on the same level or very slowly going up:
    Nkuku, Iwobi, Moron, Gray, Lopez, D. Lewin, Srarfi, Halilowic, Pasalic, Lopes, Tielemans, Lo Celsco, Lamine Diaby, Maouassa, Cristante, Werner, Balde, Augustin, Cornet, Leao, Grandsir, Ordoizola, Reston, Ruiz, Otto, Hack, Rebic !

  • @Mundek so in total if you sold everyone @Market rate how much would you have? Obviously, you will need to work out your IS sell amount as well. Work these figures out and understand your totals and how much you will lose. This would be my first step.

  • Did you buy these guys thinking they would break on to the world stage and be first mains on the team sheet or get some weird between windows move to bigger clubs? I'm guessing not.

    So the question is when you took the long view and felt your patience would be rewarded, has anything changed? If not keep to your plan. If you feel your strategy isn't working, sell up and move to a new one.

    Personally I would mix the 2 together keep a small amount in riskier player and hope your right. Then put the rest in your new strategy.

  • @NewUser180407 OK,
    I'm up about 12% now (was 20%) before league's started so about 3300£...
    And what's nxt then, what do you think?

  • I'd just try and diversify a bit. Stick and keep faith on what you have while gradually shift in some of it towards the big hitters too

  • @Mundek is 12% bad in your eyes ? I think it's pretty good considering you have bought young players, I'd stick with the original plan, maybe sell a couple on the market if you feel you bought a few duds, I changed my strategy when the bonus came the other day, but i already had futures in big boys so i just sold what i saw as mistakes and pumped up on big boys, I think the best one to buy would be Mbappe cos he's so young and has the potential to get to Messi and Neymar price, but that's just my opinion.. really tough decision mate, don't rush it and regret it, remember u have 3 years.

  • @Misto
    Yes, everything has changed mate! When you see that all players around rasing up and yours are not, you start thinking what is going on?!
    Unlucky or bad choice!?
    Madisson / Grey - one went up over 2 £ other just 50p
    Grandsir / Mboula - like above....and it's more examples,
    I just think that I picked wrong players and even if I'll keep them for longer (that was my plan)
    nothing gonna change and its gonna be to late if its not already!!

  • @Mundek OK, so if you sold you would be in positive, remember to take the 2% commission off the sells. I would definitely agree with @Andy-M sell a few that you think are not going to move and buy into the big boys. Remember to diversify but also to have a few big hitters and a few that you feel are long-term holds. I don't want to get slaughtered for pushing my own players but one player I have for example is Bale, cheaper than the top boys but is definitely set to rise given his lead role at Real. I also have a young player like Wan-Bissaka (still quite expensive at £2.22) but if he carries on the way he is going one for the future. Just my opinion and hope it helps dude!

  • The problem when making decisions here is regretting your choices, I had a youngish player, really believed in him long term, lost a fair bit of value, dumped him only to see a rapid rise, it's really annoying but you just have to make a decision and don't look back, I'm not trying to pimp Mbappe either because it's only really people with huge budgets that can pump his value up.

  • @Andy-M yes, you are right mate, thnx
    And to be honest with you it's really hard not to look bck cos when I sell player/players straight away they are rasing up, example : today Marko Rog, I sold 50 shares with a small profit and about h ago he went up 14p Heh, and had few like that...

  • @Mundek It's like that every time, so weird, oh well onwards and upwards 💪🏻

  • There is a good chance for a potential drop in the market tomorrow / tuesday as people take out their deposit bonuses and act then to make any potential changes. For me I'd keep faith in your young guns if you believe and trust your research, these will be slow burners that will gradually rise but then one day they'll have that break out moment and their price will rocket. However if it were me, I'd want to sell half of each young player and invest in pb players for this stage of the season as each time they perform they'll get a price boost and you'll be feeling very happy consistently!

  • @Mundek Keep Maxime Lopez, Calvert Lewin, Lamine Diaby, Mboula and Cornet for the longer term as they are playing and will rise. Up to you what you do for the others. I am more invested in young players that are playing regularly than not.

  • @Mr-Matt I should do that 4 months ago when top guns were 'cheap' (Pogba 6£,Hazard 6£,Ramos 2£, etc). Few people I know they did that and now they very happy with 40%+ profit :/
    But nowone know what happens in nxt few months so maybe Pogba and others are still cheap :)

  • @Mundek Pogba is gonna have all the media buzz to come and seems to be on pens for utd which is helping pb. If it were me out of the top guns I'd take him all the way and be really to sell if he moves in Jan. Hopefully he doesn't and the saga continues through to the summer

  • @Mr-Matt new people entering the market always buy a bit of the top players and there are a lot of new people joining all the time! I would want to be adding into the top guns as they are safe bets in earning money from pb and mb but also I'd be investing for a potential future share split which I personally believe will happen as when that happens you will be one of those elated folks with the massive up surge.

  • @HappyLarry59855 thnx mate, I know what you mean and I made my decision!
    I'm on holiday till nxt Sunday away from UK so I can't log in until I bck... But I sold players for few 100£ and I'll see what happens after 25,26 after deposit period...

  • @Mundek

    I think 'key' question to ask is 'what is your strategy'???? By the looks you've brought a lot of 'young' stars who might go on to better things... because of this you cannot seriously expect huge rises in just 4 months... your strategy on paper looks to be longer term over a few years (based on these players becoming stars one day) so your growth on that basis should happen over a few years and not straight away... if you want to increase profits 'now' then you simply need to look at players doing it week in week out? Unfortunately some of those cost a bit more money due to the fact that they are regularly producing with dividends!!

  • If its any consolation I have held Neymar, Messi, bale, Mbappe all under £3 and sold not much higher than that!, I know the feeling my portfolio would be worth thousands if I wasn’t so impatient . Lesson learnt.

    I Brought Pobga at around £6 earlier in the year and told myself not to told sell, he went up to around £7 and it looked like he was dropping under £6 after the World Cup but I held him and now look.

    There will be other players with huge rises as the game changes so much, just really think about it, get the feel for what the media are doing and go with your gut, back yourself and dont be in a rush.

  • @dannypea hi mate,
    My plan, strategy was medium /long term hold so I thought that some of them go to 3 or 4£ in 4 months like Augustin, Werner, Ruiz, Tielemans, Wear, Guebels, Leao, Grandsir, Rodri, Grey or touch 2£ like D. Lewin, Cornet, Rebic, Nkuku, Iwobi, Lopez ... What can I say now?? Unlucky /bad choice /not enough knowledge? Look on players like : Madisson, Mount, TAA, Diaz, Mitrovic,Pepe and more and more - all under 2£ 4months ego (when I joined FI). Now, all of them over 2,3 or 4£...young with medium or long term hold!! So I Made a BAD choice mate and unfortunately I have to fix that and try reinvest somehow!

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