Antoine Griezmann

  • Trying to work out how this platform works?

    Why are some top players way below the top prices?

    Not even £6, IMO he's up there with the best in the world so I cant see why he's so cheap?

    Obviously I'm new to this and probably missing some tricks.......

  • Limited media buzz potential currently, and rarely wins performance buzz.
    Absolute kryptonite to index prices.

    But, if you're confident in a player's potential to turn it around, it can be seen as value...

  • My idea was there playing Huesca on Tuesday and he bangs in a hat trick and kicks off his season...

  • @NewUser170016

    Griezmann will start to show his worth near the end of the season, when atletico are in the final stages of European competition, and there are less teams competing for the PB.

    He takes the pens, he often scores the game winning goal, but unfortunately, due to the teams style under Simeone, they rarely hammer teams, and are content to win 1-0 or 2-1, which can result in average PB scores.

  • @NewUser170016 yep, similar to Kane - just needs a few goals to kick start things. Huesca and Huddersfield pretty appetising next games for both...

  • @NewUser170016 Dont worry hes up there with the best players in the world.Just be patient and he will deliver.He had a slow start last season and then just ignited.

  • Think Griezzy took a bit of a hit when he committed to Atletico ahead of a potential move to Barca... I brought him in Jan with the view to him moving and when it became apparent he weren't going anywhere I got rid..

    That said the FI dynamics change all of the time and I think he's a good hold on a PB basis and his goals and performances will ensure growth all be it slower than some of the more 'media' fancied superstars... I don't see why he can't become a £10 player within 3 years so on that basis he's very investable. He just needs goals and folk will jump on!!!

  • I’ve started the next chapter of my investment in FI with a few futures in Griezmann.

    Yes, he’s just signed a new contract, but I doubt that will stop the usual Barca & Man Utd transfer rumours next Summer.

    Plus he’s one of the few top players not to have risen in the recent deposit bonus period. Based on current prices and average dividend returns over the last 12 months, he should be a circa £8 player.

  • @NewUser162554 said in Antoine Griezmann:

    @NewUser170016 yep, similar to Kane - just needs a few goals to kick start things. Huesca and Huddersfield pretty appetising next games for both...

    My fantasy football team has just seen Kane thrown in and captained for that exact reason!

  • @NewUser170016

    He only played 53 mins but scored & won a weak PB but good call, imagine what he could have done in the full 90 mins!

  • Some interesting fixrures leading up to Xmas, surely he can only rise?

  • @NewUser170016 I'll be backing him today

  • Long term hold for me, 4 weeks on here I thinked Ive sold 100 players! Now Ive concentrating in holding players long term, Griezmann £10 within the next year surely.

  • @NewUser170016 Yep he's the right age and world class so will rise with the index and he is always linked with other clubs. He does it him self aswell, like when he followed Manchester United on twitter and started tweeting phone emojis at them, lol

  • At home to Club Brugge on Wednesday, surely that'll be another PB.............

  • @NewUser170016 On the same day there's Dortmund at home to Monaco who are having a bit of a crisis at the moment and PSG at home to Red Star, so Griezzy has a decent chance but I'd say it's far from in the bag.

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