• Need some advice ,new to this ..invested 100quid in 3 players Mitchell Weiser, Arne Maier and Federico Mattielo .. is this any good investment, also planing to add another 100 soon ,would you guys give me any suggestion to use it on big hitters or young wonderkids?

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    ederico Mattielo

    I've just mentioned on another post where they asked about slow growth in value to their portfolio and I suppose the easiest thing to say is.... Diversify your portfolio....

    So YES go for youngsters that you believe in.. But I would always have a couple of big hitters too (like a Pogba, Neymar or Messi) who will almost certainly rack up dividend rewards each week (which allows you new money to re-invest into younger cheap players)... On top of that... Add a few January targets too... With the next transfer window in mind people go silly when the market opens and even average players rise if they are touted with a move so that gives you a nice short term flipping option... Go for players regularly performing as they are in fashion and go for players where you see value? No player is right or wrong (in my experience on here almost every player has been right) so gut feel is as good as anything. Key is to not panic as if you make good decisions it will probably come right eventually! But don't throw all your eggs into the basket of unknowns because without a crystal ball you may as well be gambling on red or black!!

  • @dannypea Appreciate your help , amazing !! Will do my best

  • If you bought Mattiello and Weiser yesterday I presume you bought them off the top trending list?

    In which case I fear it was too late and you’ll have lost some money today as their prices pull back slightly.

    In general, once players are trending it’s too late to buy, unless there’s a very good reason (such as an imminent transfer).

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