2k investment waiting

  • Got 2 grand to invest b4 the deposit bonus finishes at midnight! just wanted to pick your brains! i will be holding long term who do you thing ill see the most returns from! cheers

  • Possible Mbappe as he is only 19 and likely to continue to rise over the next 3 years
    likewise Pogba 25 years old big MB dividends likely over the next 3 months

    Mid level priced players Maddison / Ascensio /

    Up and coming / Mount / Foden / Grealish

    Not necessarily those players but look to spread it in a similar fashion maybe

  • Recommend a mixture of the big players (£10+), future stars (£3-£5), and young, cheap players. You can choose any of the first category and you won't be disappointed. Search the cheap players thread on here for the last group, and as for the second, go with what you know and who you think has the best potential.

  • 0_1537734460409_Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 21.27.06.png

    This was my choice fingers crossed!!

  • Rabiot !! Linked with Man City and Barca 23 and class

  • @NewUser113421 follow your heart ofc ... but my tips, obviously I hold these players... Declan Rice, Mbappe, Dalot, Luke Shaw... all young and a lot of prospect.. Happy Trading

  • I try aim at 1-3 quid range,

    I like Donnarumma - 1.21 - Alot wil say look at other keepers and limited prices but if this guy can refind form of a yr ago, hes going be quickly linked with more big moves. Long term I do think gk's values might rise, the thing is how low risk he is worse case he stays same price.

    Andre Silva -1.98 - He was woeful for AC given limited openings, showing some form now in Spain for Seville, they really got going today with 6 goal display, so likely more ahead, hes a super talent also expect he becomes more important for portugal.

    O.Dudas - 1.25 - Only at Hertha right now but one of best players on form this year in Bundesliga, I see either Hertha grow as team and get better and he rises or gets a big move, hes just a talent very suprised if he doesnt double in a yr

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