PB finish on same score

  • What happens when it’s a tie between 2 players on the PB. Do both players get the dividends ??

  • @Ash88 youngest wins

  • That is absolutely sick for us Ben Yedder owners...

    We lose everything -

    1. the fall in price from 1.85 to 1.41 (as we speak)
    2. the top forward bonus
    3. the star player bonus

    He scored a hat-trick and an assist but because Marseille let Lyon pass it around 5 billion times in extra time, Traore picks up the same score by getting 8 passes in the last 2 minutes of extra time, and oh he's youngest, we'll give him the win....what a joke

  • suck it up.....thems the rules. you win some, you lose some.............

  • Arg that’s rubbish guess I’ll have to take the hit. Would you sell him now and cut your losses or hold him for European fixtures ahead

  • @Ash88

    Definitely hold him. Sevilla are a cracking side and in the EL in an easy group. He scored two the other night, he was massively underpriced at 1.15 before today's game.

    The manner of the loss really hurts, literally lost because marseille let lyon pass it around for 3mins of extra time.

  • Not even done this a week yet and that was my closest to getting a PB. Going to hold him as you say as a club there smashing goals in for fun.

  • Happened to me last week with Ronaldo, everyone is younger that CR7 🙄

  • @Ash88 Didn't I warn you about this in another thread this morning?! I refereced what happened to Ibai Gomez yesterday!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the next round of EL games.

  • Hahahahaha you did. I’m still learning and think it’s hard to lose large amounts of money. Unless your ridiculously unlucky. Bet what you can afford to lose as some say. Guessing your quite successful with FI at10

  • Please spare a thought for those Bert Traore holders who have benefited from the random luck of his birthday, some of us also held the players who got red cards tonight so fortune is not always good.

    Ben Yedder holders can all take solace in the fact that you hold a player capable of winning PB, so there is at least a sliver of good news to hold onto that bodes very well for future rounds.

  • @Ash88 I was just lucky that I heard about FI last year. I've lost money in every way possible on FI and so try to help people on the forum to learn from my mistakes.

  • Agree is annoying - especially as was expecting Messi or a Juve player to beat him rather than traore - but also holding
    Ben yedder. Sevilla in form and could smash their EL group

  • @NewUser173532 That is a gutting feeling.
    One thing you have to remember when trading is you probably won't be the only one thinking about what looks like a good investment at the time.
    Being new to this, you think you understand the platform but seriously give it at least 6 months for you to really understand how the platform works. It probably took me that long.
    I had seen the Sevilla result about half an hour after the game. I noticed Yedder had done well, so i came onto the market to see what was happening and if he was worth a quick punt. "Thinking i wonder how many others were thinking the same thing". Am i to late, in this platform you need to be rapidly quick.

    So i Looked at the market to invest had his prise has risen to 1.84. Looked at what he was the previous day and week and he was sitting at around the 1.40 mark. My experience told me this players going to be pumped and dumped especially after PB has been announced. 44p increase in 24 hours was to risky for me to buy in at 1.85. It was definitely about to tip. Because of that increase i left it well alone. My experience taught me right because he didn't even win PB and his price is falling hard. Know some of the smaller fish will be reeling in disappointment not quite understanding whats happened.

    When IPOS are announced you can see how quickly a player is added to the market and how quickly he can rise and fall in 48 hours. This is Traders just trying to make quick profitable trades. They will do the same if a player has a storming game to try win PB aswell.

    Hope you can take something away from this.

    Good luck in the near future.

  • @NewUser56395

    Completely understand all of that, especially the time frame needed to understand the complexity's of the game.

    However, I didn't buy post-match or even during the match. I bought him pre-match on the back of his EL performance and checking his price, so got in at 1.15 (so still up nicely on current price) but the manner of the loss hurts....ah well, more research needed into players, onwards and upwards.

  • @NewUser173532

    However if you continue to hold & look back in 12 months when he could be 2.50 & you've also had a decent dividend stream from PB wins you will feel much better about not cashing the fictional profit; all depends on your timescale & trading strategy i guess.

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