Jorginho - Flattering to deceive or real deal?

  • Seems to be breaking passing & possession records but still yet to create an assist let alone score a proper goal, gimme penalties against Huddersfield excluded, I don't doubt his ability & he's clearly Sarri's "perfect midfield general" but as we know even the greatest players are not always suited to being the best FI players.

    Although his game would seem perfectly matched to the FI system & he will always post consistently high PB numbers I'm beginning to doubt he will actually ever WIN anything (excluding the obvious fluke goal - 4/150 latest games).

    I currently don't hold him due to these concerns & at nearly £4 he seems to be an expensive luxury I can do without but would be interested in other opinions & am open to be convinced why I'm wrong?

  • He doesn’t score goals, was the same at napoli, great passing but no goals, the chances of a GWG are slim and at nearly £4 its high, Kante probably has just as much chance of a GWG and he is only 1.78 or something to compare a Chelsea player ( remember a GWG is 80 points ).

  • @NewUser60527

    Given Jorginho seems to be perfect in that deeper role it also frees Kante to break forward which is why I hold Kante (& not Jorginho) because whilst he is yet to properly show it I think this new freedom will lead to the odd goal or two & hopefully they will prove GWG's. Kante is also by common consent as good as two men in midfield so seem outrageously cheap in comparison.

  • Jorginho is quality, an absolute must have for me.

    Kante can score and he still (I doubt) won't beat Jorginho!

  • Just because a footballer is a great footballer does not always make them a great FI investment?

    Is he decent? YES

    Is he a PB must have? NO

    You have to play the game... When it comes to defenders pick those that kick the ball to there mates a lot.. pick ones that will probably get a clean sheet and pick ones that could pop up at the other end and score goals... With midfielders, think of those that also kick the ball to their mates a lot, but at the same time those that might take set plays, that might get goals, that might have plenty of shots and if they don't like to tackle, even better as they have less risk of fouls and yellow and red cards... If you want a striker, a second striker rather than a target man will score you more points on the sheer basis that they'll come short and get involved in play (racking up essential PB points by passing to their mates a lot).. They'll not only pass the ball a lot to their mates (have we covered this bit) but will probably have a lot of shots, score the odd (especially important) goal or two per game, they might even take a free kick or corner...

    My point is, whether or not they are the real deal shouldn't matter... As long as they tick the right FI boxes then great... Does Jorginho tick enough? Well he ticks a few... Not enough for me to invest... No doubt he's quality, but then we are not looking for quality here.. we are looking for point scorers instead!!!

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