MB Points system

  • Below is a prime example of where this system might not always work as expected

    "Luka Modric could win the Best FIFA Men’s Player award ahead of Ronaldo and Salah, but Newcastle didn’t think he was even good enough for the Premier League"

    the above quote has generated 280 points for Modric but because it only uses Ronaldo and Salah's surnames they don't benefit from the same article

  • I noticed this earlier when it was announced that Messi & Ronaldo won't be at the 'Best' awards tonight (i think)... But Modric will probably win it... So whilst Ronny races away with media buzz for having his name in the headlines, Modric, the actual 'best' player in the world gets shoved down the pecking order????

    Be interesting to see who wins MB when the winner is announced (it could be Salah btw) but as mentioned the points system is flawed and unless you have Ronaldo (which i do) you should be pretty annoyed with the outcome!!!

  • they could do with expanding their range of media outlets also

  • But we all know how the system works, it might say Luka Modric beats Cristiano Ronaldo and Mo Salah on one article, then another saying no win for Cristiano Ronaldo, putting Cristiano Ronaldo in 2 articles and Luka Modric in only one... or they could just put everyone's surname and another popular name, let's say Paul Pogba has argued with Mourinho and wins MB, pretty unpredictable but we all know that right.

  • Either way modric is a snip at his price!

  • It should just count whether the player's surname or the player's whole name is used..At the end of the day, if their name is mentioned in the article, it should count.

  • @NewUser173532 wouldn't really work with surnames, so many De Jong, Traore and so on... but i guess if they know which person the article is actually referring to then it should be fine.. It's pretty lousy that the whole name has to be in Headline, Pogba and Ronaldo miss many articles due to this rule.

  • i sold some modric for profit what a mug i look now, had not thought award season was round the corner. Aiming at younger players with potential for moves to epl

  • Same happened yesterday, isco got 160 and asencio got nothing. Headline was asencio: Madrids new hero, isco 7/10.

    Few days before Salah scored 760 points just from daily mirror, same story just re-worded.

    New system is needed

  • The system and points scoring matrix is advertised and transparent no point complaining about it after you invest, my advice is understand the players who benefit from it and take advantage. There are many traders on here making big profits from dividends and arrange there portfolios around players that the rules suit.

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