Why are people selling the best strikers?

  • With the new 12/18p PB prize on offer from November 1, why are the best strikers falling in value?

    • I understand there will be an influx of new players from Nov 1, but let's be honest, 95% of these are not going to have a chance at winning PB.
    • Most of the best strikers in the top 5 leagues are already in the top 200 - outside the top 200 there really aren't many decent strikers that score regularly.
    • Teams only play with 1 or 2 strikers so there won't be as much competition in as in midfield/defence
    • Strikers playing for weaker teams that have low possession are unlikely to win because they'll have fewer passes and fewer shots, and get less win bonuses - just look at the winners up to now, all of them play for top 6 sides (if you exclude the single game days)
    • At current prices, Lewandowski, Cavani, Insigne, Falcao, Dzeko, Aubameyang etc. all just need 2 wins over a season to return more than 10% on your investment

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