Declan Rice

  • Can someone tell me what’s so special about this guy? I’ll be honest I’ve not seen him play this season but last season he played out of position a lot so didn’t impress. Does he really look good? I thought he chose Ireland over England too? I was thinking of buying in to him this morning but thought he’d drop a bit but he just keep rising!

  • @Barkez_86 I’ve seen him a few times and he doesn’t seem spectacular, just a defensive midfielder who makes simple passes. But he’s young and seems to be generating a lot of interest so I got on him a couple of weeks ago.

    Apparently he’s considering playing for England which is why he was left out of Ireland squad. If he does get selected for England that’ll only help his price.

  • Not sure how good he is as a player but Alvin Martin was eulogising about him on talk sport the other day saying that he is by far the best defender on west hams books and was amazed he hadnt been in the starting 11 more often this season.
    He could generate a lot of media buzz in the coming months both with the England saga + the transfer speculation referred to in the link below.

  • Asked for opinions on this guy on Slack. Could see a rise coming so picked up a few on Friday and he's now up 60p or 40%... I bought purely on the fact that he would rise due to the hype that surrounds him atm (also heard Alvin Martin's comments on TS). Keep thinking ill sell him one minute and then thinking I should top up the next as he just keeps on going!! Struggling to judge this one because I don't see the logic in his rise...

  • Defensive midfielders are never exactly FI gold, you look at Kante, Jorginho, even Matic. I'd put the Rice rise in the same category as Guendozi and for me it's just easier to avoid. Unless they spark a massive media interest - and there will be here and there in both - it's just blindly waiting for the prices to plummet.

    Well done to anyone who jumped on the train before everyone else did, I'd now get your oyster card ready!

  • Haha just wrote an article on Declan Rice and saw this now 🤦‍♂️

  • Reminds of the Reece Oxford situation, where is he now?

  • @Lukeroro I've had some futures since I joined 5 weeks ago, topped up 100 here 100 there, have 1001 futures now, just checked my history through curiosity and got first 100 at 116p and bought most expensive 100 at 149p then must have had little money left and bought 1 future at 171p haha

  • @Andy-M well played!
    I don't see him going much higher though. Inflation may take him up a touch more but long term I don't see dividends. I'd jump ship once this Declan-hype is over. He's rated highly as a player but I can see him dropping off on FI.
    Maybe an MB if he scores a competitive winner for Ireland vs England!!
    *Declan-hype sounds much better than Rice-hype!

  • There will potentially be 2 sources of interest in him over the next 3 months
    the International situation with England
    and the contractual saga with west ham / big clubs circling before the Jan Deadline
    im holding for now to see how it pans out.

    Reece Oxford and Declan rice are 2 different people / personalities so there is no reason to suspect the same thing will occur this time (if anything lessons will be learnt because of it)

    prediction £3 before the end of the year

  • @Lukeroro maybe you right but i have a lot of profit on him and i see the worse case scenario being the rise of rice 🤦‍♂️ stopping, but not falling, I'll hold on and see what happens until January at least.

  • @Lukeroro oh and thanks btw.

  • To be fair, with his contract situation it's probably wise!

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