Frequency of deposit bonuses etc

  • Hi all,

    Relatively new to the platform. I was lucky enough to benefit from last weeks deposit bonus offer, however, it’s left me a little wary of when to deposit going forward in case there’s another offer just around the corner and I miss it.

    To those of you who have been here a while, can I ask roughly how often these sorts of offers are dropped?

  • @NewUser178724 last one was July I think. Roughly every few months would be a rough estimate.

    Usually coincides with a trader meet also. :)

  • I believe there was also one announced around the 18th December last year but i wasnt on here then so im not sure whether there have been any other ones before or since

  • @NewUser178724 This is actually only the 2nd time they've done a deposit bonus with no playthrough, I believe normally you have to spend / trade your deposit & bonus 20x before you can withdraw (not a massive problem if you're in for the long-term) but as mentioned above those do traditionally happen when there's a trader meet.

  • Cheers all, that gives me a better idea as to when I may need to be smarter with my depositing. Much appreciated.

  • But if you buy players before the deposit bonus your players are going to profit once everyone starts buying so I really wouldn't worry to much ,

  • Christmas bonus is quite likely in my opinion.

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